Why Supporting Yourself Is Critical For Success

What does supporting yourself mean?

Try to navigate and google the question. The main information that you will get is related to income and money. Nevertheless, supporting yourself is not a mere material issue. It is the art of taking care of your body and brain. Your physical and mental health are correlated and for this reason, it is impossible to take care of one and leave out the other one. Your productivity, centered lifestyle depends on what signals your brain will send to you and how your body will fulfill them. 

A healthy body is the guarantee of a healthy brain and vice versa. Thus, how should you take care of yourself and boost your success?

Here are some useful hints to follow. 


Your way to success starts here. Love yourself, be comfortable with yourself. Having said this, probably we should mention that this love should be towards your body, physics, and mental capacities. If you love yourself you are more confident and sure in the things you do. Your self-identity is the eco that your brain will receive every time you look at yourself in the mirror. With love, you will have trust in everything you do. If we do not believe in our success we will not succeed. It is like a closed circle:

Love – success – trust -success – love

If you trust and love your ideas you will be able to explain, influence, and persuade your partners that your project is the best, that your ideas are worth a chance. If you are fearful, it will be noticed, and SE FINI!! 


Your lifestyle can tell a lot about you. Nevertheless, the issue is if you are comfortable with it. Take care of your mental and physical health. Start with a healthy diet. Change your bad habits related to food. Nutrients that your body gets are essential for the correct function of both your body and brain. If you eat too much sugar or fat your brain works on assimilating how to digest them and loses its time and efficacy in other areas. It is easy to pass to a healthy diet. In reality, there are no restrictions about what to eat, you just need to balance them. Here are some tips about how to eat healthily:

  • Prioritize fruits and vegetables
  • Include lean meat and poultry 
  • Eat fish
  • Use beans and nuts
  • Eggs are high in proteins
  • Drink water

What you should consider is to avoid too much sugar and trans fats, and reduce the portions. 

After you have decided on the diet you are going to follow you can consider adding some supplements to your nutrition. Organic c60 oil to support your health or protein powders as good alternatives. 

Start exercising. An active lifestyle makes your brain happy and it works better. If you have no time or interest in going to the gym, no worries. You can just dance while doing home chores or walk faster when you return home. Activities help your body get tired and rest better. 

Do not forget about sleep. When you are asleep hormones invade your body. Growth hormone and self-repair hormones start acting actively when you are asleep.

Your brain is processing the whole information received during the day. It separates the important information and systematizes it into long-term and short-term memories. 


Surround yourself with positive people who believe in your capacities. Get rid of toxic relationships. Emotional support is extra to achieve success. If people who surround you are jealous of your progress yodu will feel it and their negativity can affect your self-confidence. Being positive does not mean that your environment should say hurahhhhh to all your offers and projects. It means that they should give constructive advice if something is not good. 

Your brain is much more relaxed when it is aware that there are people who support and believe in you.


Emphasize your strong points. Everybody has strong points and capacities. Some skills are inside our brain and body. If you develop these skills you are sure to triumph. Believe in what you do and that you are strong enough to fulfill the task planted to you. 

Show your strength by your work and emotions. Help others. Researches show that helping other people gives satisfaction which is converted into self-confidence. Self-confident people are more likely to succeed.  


If you know your weaknesses you understand your body and mental state. Do not hide your weaknesses and do not escape from them. Accept them the way they are. If you feel yourself capable of changing or reducing them, excellent. However, having a weakness and accepting it means being strong. Your weaknesses should not affect your success. Control them and do not let them pull you behind. Your personal growth depends on assuming that you are strong and recognizing your weaknesses. There are situations where you should hide them but never be ashamed of them.

We are all weak at some point. Let it go and be happy. 


It seems so difficult to live in harmony with yourself. There are so many aspects you would like to change and add to your self-identity. Nevertheless, consider it. Living in harmony just means accepting all the virtues and defects that we have. These aspects can be related to our physics or our intellectual capacities. Just try these tips:

  • I know my strong points and I can use them
  • I am aware of my weaknesses but they are not a problem
  • I am unique
  • I can
  • I am happy
  • I love my friends and family
  • Lots of people love me

Not so difficult, isn’t it?