Traveling With Your Dog or Cat: Pet Policy of Top 4 Airlines

Sometimes leaving your kitty or furry bulldog back home is not an option, especially when you’re headed on an extended vacation or a business tour, and there is no one to take care of your pet. 

Every airline has its own set of rules & regulations that you need to know before making any travel plans. 

Some allow pets to be transported in the cabin, while others allow them in the cabin, and a couple of airlines even prohibit dogs and cats.

Some require a special health certificate from a certificated vet, while others don’t. 

This article will put forth the most updated travel policy of top-rated airlines worldwide. 

So, Read on to Find Out. 

1.  British Airways

Are Pets Allowed?: Yes, the pets are allowed, but only for business class flights.

What Is The Fee?: It depends on the size & weight of the kennel in which you are carrying your dog or kit. The prices will be confirmed two weeks before the take-off day. 

Other key things you need to know:-

  • A health certificate from a vet stating that your pet is healthy to fly is required.
  • On the day of take-off, you need to hand over your pet to the British Airways World Cargo office. There the container has to be approved, and you’ll know the additional charges. 

2.  Southwest Airlines

Are Pets Allowed?: Yes, they are allowed to travel in the cabin but permitted as checked baggage. 

However, pets with disruptive behaviour can be denied. Examples of disruptive behaviour include:-

  • Bitting, lunging & growling.
  • Urinating or defecating the cabin.
  • Scratching or excessive whining. 

What Is The Fee?: $95 Pet Fare each way per pet carrier.

3.  Easyjet Airline

Are Pets Allowed?: Pets are not prohibited on EasyJet flights except for guide & assistance dogs. 

However, Easyjet outperforms other airlines in terms of inflight experience. First, the crew is highly professional & polite; they’ll leave no stone unturned to offer service way beyond your expectations.

The washroom is well-sanitized, hygiene with all the essentials. The seats are comfortable with ample legroom, and in-flight entertainment keeps you occupied during a long-haul flight. What’s more, they offer online fear of flying courses administered by their veteran pilots to help first-time, nervous flyers to beat their anxiety. They provide the right knowledge to bust our common myths about flying. 

4.  KLM

Are Pets Allowed?: Only small cats and dogs are allowed, only if they meet the below criteria:-

  • Your pet needs to be at least 10-weeks old.
  • Your pet must be in a suitable bag, with maximum 46 x 28 x 24cm dimensions.
  • Total eight of your pet and travel bag not more than 8kg. 

What Is The Fee?: A fee of EUR 30 to EUR 200, according to the destination.


It is highly advisable not to fly with your pet for various reasons. Air travel is not just stressful for your furry canine or kitty, but also dangerous, no matter how smooth the landing, timely the departure, and friendly the flight crew. Just think, how cruel it is to pack your pet in a small travel bag in the cargo hold of the commercial plane, especially during the hot summer months.