How Toxic Relationships Affect Our Inner Environment

Our life and relationship affect a lot our inner environment. However, we are not always able to distinguish between healthy relationships and toxic ones. How would we define a toxic relationship?

A toxic relationship is a relationship where one or more parts suffer more than they enjoy. Emotional exhaustion, anxiety, stress follow these relations. The impact on our emotional health sometimes can be irreversible. 

When you try to accommodate the other person, what you do is convince yourself that if you do not show discomfort about certain aspects that make you uncomfortable, you will avoid upsetting them or avoid a new confrontation. But what happens when we come to self-deception? That we get sick physically and emotionally because repression of emotions causes anxiety and stress. 

 We all are different. Some of us confront situations by enclosing ourselves inside our own feelings, others use calming pills, try smokable hemp flower for relaxation

 Nevertheless, life is one and we should be able to detect and heal these relations that cause depression and make our life unbearable. 

Tips To Know If Your Relationship Is Toxic Or Not

I am not ME 

When you feel that your self-identity is under pressure and you need to act the way you do not want or you are not comfortable, it can be an alert of a toxic relationship. Your own I should always be free to act and confront the situations the way you feel them and not the way you are told to.


Healthy relationships always support the development and well-being of the other, help to grow and expand. If your partner closes doors for you, try to limit the activities you like or the people with whom you relate and each time you feel that your life is more limited, be careful! she is thinking more of herself than of you.


 In a relationship, relying on the other person is essential. Nevertheless, your partner or friend does not necessarily need to know everything about you. There is no need of informing your partner about when and where you are planning to go or who you are going to meet. If you feel that every step is controlled you should consider it as a red light and think and act carefully about the issue. 


Sometimes our friend or partner criticizes or other relationships. If this criticism is towards everybody it means that this person wants to have complete control over you. Make sure you are not excluding yourself from your own life. 


In a relationship, it is normal to have arguments, but when they are very repetitive or the tone is very strong or violent, it is no longer normal. In a healthy relationship, you listen to the other and show interest in what he thinks and what he needs or is feeling. If you can’t express what bothers you because he always jumps with something that bothers him the most if there are yelling or threats if every conversation turns into remembering what you do wrong or if you don’t feel heard, the relationship is not healthy.


And finally, when you feel that you are alone and the only person you can talk to is your partner who is responsible for you being so lonely it’s time to reconsider and reorganize your life. 

Be sure that there always is a solution. Before condemning yourself, deal with the issues of stress by using natural remedies and calm down. There are hundreds of CBD-based products, oils, lotions, and more that can be a psychological and physical solution. However, you are the only person who can STOP the toxicity in your life.