How Are Game Design Trends Set?

With the passing of years, the gaming industry has reflected various transformations to meet the desired requirements in design and layouts. In the modern era, these changes depend on technological advancements and gamers trends. With the concept of the acceptance of cryptocurrency in casinos, the trends are popular both online and offline.

The gaming trends have upgraded a lot in recent years due to the convenience of a smartphone, laptop, or any other device supporting internet connectivity. The introduction of several new trends has already attracted more gamers to the gaming industry.

Factors Determining the Changing of the Trends

Since gaming and gambling reach out to a wide audience, companies and developers look into creating tools and newer, better-looking games for the players. These tools are based on the current scenarios and likings of the gamers. There are many trends that are being followed by developers:

  • Megaways Slots. This BTG invention has become one of the hottest slot market trends in recent years. Megaways is basically a series of shifting reels in sets that can lead to plenty of winning combinations for a spin. This great-looking layout can help gamers win a fortune as this slot is focused on smaller stakes for greater wins.
  • Mobile-Friendly Websites. This trend has been popular for gamers to enjoy their favourite games over smartphones or laptops. Most of the game developers provide mobile-friendly games for further development. Most players are responsive over this media too. 
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality is very trendy in the case of casinos due to the current rise of advancements. This is a new method of entertaining customers for a longer period of time. 
  • Respin and Hold. This mechanism is another trending slot trend where one jackpot or bonus symbol is locked in place, and the remaining reels are spun again. Bonus features, such as scattered coins, are involved too. This keeps the players hooked to the game for a longer time resulting in an increase in the daily average revenue. 
  • Branded Slot Games Holding Licenses. This is another dominant trend based on the television aspect, which allows gamers to play with familiar characters in the game.
    Another dominant slot trend is licensed branded slots that are based on popular movies, television, and musicians. The licensed slots are popular due to the impact it has on its players in the worldwide approach. 

Ongoing and Upcoming Trends for the Gaming Industry 

The gaming industry targets to satisfy the wider approach for gamers. Some major changes in the design trends that are or would be included soon involves: 

Changes in Customer Habits

With every person preferring gaming over mobile devices, social gaming experiences a huge impact on the online gaming world. You can see it in the increasing number of specially designed games or adapted for mobile use games.

Due to the increase in mobile gaming, the F2P or Free To Play has increased to a great deal in the gaming products available online. These games do not make direct income or profits and are considered as a means of entertainment revenue.

Many players choose to pay for buying many kinds of virtual offers and products in the game. This proves that gamers are interested in newer upgrades and are potential clients for increasing profit margins and revenue proportions. 

More Live Dealers

Players not only enjoy online casinos but also crave the real and live casino experience that brick and mortar casinos offer. Even the best-designed characters are losing to real people in case of appearances. Thus, more online casinos conceptualize live gaming ambiance to attract more consumers. The use of dynamic games like Blackjack or Baccarat is popular among online casinos, whereas real casinos provide engaging dealer activities. 

Slot Machine Upgradation

The gaming industry is incorporating slot machines that are designed to include a skill element. Younger gamers prefer such essences due to the gaming consoles or video gaming experience since childhood. People want to keep themselves entertained and engaged at all times, and thus they prefer upbeat and interesting content. Upgradation of slot machines does the job and makes gaming a fresher, newer, and better-looking aspect. 

Interactive Gaming Systems Change Interactions

Plenty of online casinos deliver quality content to satisfy the numerous clients they cater to. Technological advancement has increased access to entertainment, and online games provide a luxurious approach through touch-enabled kiosks, tables, and wall panels. So every game has to be designed with a variety of devices in mind. An interactive gaming experience can merge online and social gaming to the real casinos. 

New Table Games

Many casino games, like poker and blackjack, require practice, knowing poker or blackjack terminology and experience to increase the odds of winning. Not everyone can develop such skill, and so they must be provided other games that are equally interesting but easier to grasp. Due to this, casino operators bring in new games to the floor to see their popularity among the crowd.

Other Trends

  • Crypto Set to Dominate. Cryptocurrencies have become a dominant part of the gambling industry. Many online gaming platforms accept this payment method, from deposits to withdrawals. Bitcoin and other digital currencies are preferred by a lot of players due to the security and anonymity factors.
    Traditional payment methods will always remain in trend, but this new form of method is building up hype, too, due to the minimization of theft and hacking chances. It shall soon be the preferred prime choice of payment in the upcoming years. 
  • Access in the Restricted Areas of Gaming. Since Cryptocurrencies have brought about anonymity as people avoid providing sensitive data, many players from around the globe have access to playing these games from areas that have an imposed restriction. In places where brick and mortar casinos are banned, people choose to gamble via online casinos at ease. Online casinos are gaining popularity and are expanding their access points to serve the market in order to generate higher revenue. 
  • Artificial Intelligence. Like mobile gaming, artificial intelligence has also been changing to cater to the needs of punters as per the recent trends of the market. This is one of the greatest innovations for producing smarter games to engage players and producing a wonderful gaming environment. It also allows gaming developers to design top-quality games to meet their expectations. 

Recent Developments in the Gaming Market 

In September 2019, Electronic Arts began a technical trial focusing on the cloud gaming service. In the launching, EA is joining the bandwagon of the aspect. Google has been evangelizing its Stadia Service that was launched in November 2019. Cloud gaming allows developers to design more detailed, realistic and complex games, as players don’t need to store them on their computers.

In the same year, Razer had planned to invest $7.2 million to encourage growth in the Singapore Gaming Schemes. With such an investment, Razel supported the esports teams and the localized gaming companies. This funding also went towards Team Singapore, who was a part of the SEA Games.

Concluding Thoughts

The collision of blockchain technology is a promising factor for the growth of the gaming industry. These provide a tool for gamers that include asset exchange, scarcity of virtual objects, and a faster yet secured payment gateway for monetization of these industries. The rise of internet usage has increased the emerging gaming market over the years as online games are accessible from smartphones, which develops the mobile internet infrastructure as a whole. 

All these factors cater to increasing competition; therefore, most of the developers try to upgrade their design to look better next to other products.

Design trends related to the gaming industry keep on changing as per the client’s preferences. It can never remain stagnant in order to earn a greater market. Thus, gaming developers must keep track of the design trends during that time and upgrade games accordingly. Generating maximum revenue while providing a delightful gaming experience is what all developers dream of.