Consequences of Covid-19

The outbreak of Covid-19 has resulted in alterations in day-to-day life. The pandemic is by far one of the greatest provocations and has defined health calamities of all time. Most countries, to slow the spread of the disease, have imposed travel restrictions by limiting travel, adhered to quarantining potential carriers of the disease, and canceled major gatherings to ensure social distance.

 Effects on Health care system

Moreover, Covid-19 is a challenge for the health care system. Due to the violations of lockdown and Standard operating procedures and a rising number of cases, the health sector has been pressurized. This has severely affected the supply-demand ratio of pharmaceutical equipment. Hoarding of medicinal drugs has resulted in inflation in their rates and related equipment; surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and other protective apparatus. This has proved to be a nuisance for patients and other potential affectees, unable to obtain necessary equipment timely and at affordable rates. 

The inculcation of fear in people has led them to hoard medicines and gather at pharmacies, potentially exposing themselves and others to the virus. Online Pharmacies with a wide variety of medicinal drugs with special promotional offers such as: have proved to be convenient in such conditions.  Here you can easily find and order high-quality medicinal drugs at affordable and cheap rates and it also offers special discount coupons. The best of all is that it also provides efficient and prompt delivery services and offers the option of payment via credit cards to ensure complete safety in these pandemic times.

Other than medicinal drugs, a specific diet can help one cope with the disease. A variety of fresh foods including, fruits, green vegetables, wheat, brown rice, starchy tubers, and protein-rich foods like meat, can be consumed. These increase immunity to the virus. Other dietary supplements like vitamins, dietary fibers, antioxidants (in nuts) also build immunity against the disease. Other than that, frequent health checkups and sufficient rest are also vital.

Effects on different sectors

Covid-19 is far greater than a health crisis. It has left entire countries empty and has triggered social, political, and economic dilemmas. Some of the many economic and social downsides are as follows: 

  1.     Tourism. For many small Island, developed, and developing countries, tourism is a vital origin of income, as it is one of the noticeable and growing sectors. Tourism not only boosts a country’s GDP and foreign exchange earnings but also supports many micro-scale industries solely dependent on tourism. However, Covid-19 has caused a significant disturbance in the global economy, as International demand decreases and unemployment increases as tourism-based organizations like hotels and souvenir shops shut down.
  1.     Factories. Small and medium scale industries have been severely affected due to a decrease in demand and supply chain disruptions. Such areas are at the brink of exploitation as they lack sufficient financial and administrative resources. Transport Restrictions Intensify this effect due to a shortage of raw materials.
  1.     Education. The global pandemic has also led to school closures, resulting in governments launching remote education programs, which have proved to be a better alternative to face-to-face learning. However, lack of internet access to students has amplified the effect of the existing educational imbalance. 


To conclude, preventive measures are a prerequisite to prevent rapid escalation of the virus, and governments have been opting for effective policies accordingly. This pandemic has seriously exploited the existing health system, which is undergoing fragmentation in severely affected states. Online pharmacies have eased the availability of medicines to a certain extent, and further caution at a personal level can prove effective against the pandemic.