Choosing the Correct Instrument to Learn During Covid-19

Music is something that everybody enjoys and can participate in, whether going to a concert or enjoying live music in your local bar or club. It can be therapeutic and also emotional but in every nation, there are local musicians helping to entertain people and international artists filling stadiums across the globe often attracting tens of thousands of people for live gigs. Whilst we come to appreciate the music we hear not all of us find it easy to play musical instruments, it can take years of practice and a lot of hard work to achieve that perfect sound. 

The importance of music in our lives can be overstated. Music helps to bring together different cultures and races. For many people the pleasure of listening to their favorite artist is not enough, they want to emulate them and create their own brand and style of music. But we all have to learn, some people may find it easy to learn how to play the drums, saxophone, or the guitar and intricate the many challenging guitar chords.  Most of all though regardless of which instrument you choose the main thing is that you enjoy learning and playing, who knows you could be the next thing.

There are so Many Styles of Music 

Before trying to learn how to play an instrument you should be sure of the style you wish to learn and with the many different types of music available it can be difficult to find the right instrument that would suit your needs. Becoming a rock star or pop star is many people’s dream but there are many other forms of music that are popular and enjoyed by many, these include:

  • Classical music is something that many would say is quite difficult to learn but is extremely popular and has been for centuries.
  • Rap and Hip-hop have been the fastest growing music for decades now and dominates the charts in many countries.
  • Country music is not only an American music style, many countries including Ireland have huge Country music scenes from local bars to national stadiums being packed out for artists such as Kenny Rogers performing in Dublin and across the country.
  • Rock music is certainly one of the most famous forms of music across the world. You can go anywhere and find a venue that will have live Rock music bands playing, certainly, some of the biggest crowds for any musical event have Rock concerts.
  • Another style of music that has grown to become a global phenomenon is K-Pop. Originating in South Korea it is now being played on music format like MTV and attracts thousands of people to the live performances.

There are many, many more types and styles of music from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and South America that with the unlimited access that we have with the internet before choosing an instrument try to listen to various types of music, you may be surprised what inspires you.

Now is the Perfect Time to Learn

With the onset of Covid-19 which has now become a global pandemic many places of business are closed and many of our educational centers such as schools and universities are allowing students to learn from home. With so many educational resources available students are able to continue with their education. Apps like Zoom have become key to helping stay in communication with teachers and other pupils alike. 

With the time that we have spare now and being able to study and work from home, it is also a great time to learn and to practice a new musical instrument. There are so many local and national music instrument retailers that will be happy to deliver after potentially closing their stores and have switched to online sales that buying a new instrument and learning to play is very easy.

As with other educational online sites, there are many different options including YouTube that have very good beginner guides and instructional videos to help with learning what many see as a daunting task. Between exercising and spending time with family learning a new instrument is an ideal way to pass the time during this Covid-19 pandemic.

The Various Options for Your new Instrument 

There are so many instruments that are available to choose from but choosing the one that best suits you is important. Whilst you can get a modest version of your choice of instrument for less than a home electronic system or a new Playstation it is still not always wise to spend too much to start with, once you have started to enjoy and improve you can always upgrade to a better model if you feel you need to. Depending on the style of music you would like to learn and practice depends on the instrument that you will be buying. Here some of the best instruments for beginners:

  1. The Piano or Keyboard: The piano can take a long time to learn and be expensive but certainly worth it investing in if it is within your budget. Alternatively, an electronic keyboard can replicate many of the sounds for a cheaper price, also taking up a lot less space in your home.
  2. Saxophone: Not as popular as some other instruments but for fans of Jazz and the Blues it is a beloved instrument and can also be heard in other types of popular music.
  3. The Guitar: Guitars come in all shapes and sizes and can be inexpensive, you don’t need to buy a Fender Stratocaster a simple acoustic guitar can be bought for a beginner at a very reasonable price. Guitar chords can be learned using online resources.
  4. Drums: Drums are a great option for a beginner, all over the world different cultures have been using drums for thousands of years. Now the drum kit we are familiar with is the mainstay and drives the tempo of many styles of music. Whilst drums can also be expensive and take up much of the space in a room there are alternatives, using electronic drum kits on IPads or tablets is a great and cheap if not free option.
  5. Flute: The flute is great for children and adults alike due to the mobility it affords, it can be moved and played in a room of your house or even the garden, the lack of electronics they use is a bonus for many.

There are many different options when choosing a new instrument to learn during these uncertain times during this pandemic choosing one should not be difficult. If you are unsure then speak to our friends or family members who may already play an instrument and may also allow you to try before buying a new instrument to see if it’s the one for you.


Music has helped shape many people’s lives for millennia and there is something satisfying in playing a musical instrument, almost therapeutic in creating or replicating music. Children especially find it fun and it is a great educational and social tool. Whilst the pandemic goes on now, it is an ideal opportunity to learn for the first time or to choose a new instrument that you have always wanted to try. A creative outlet helps us in many ways to forget the troubling times that we are facing. 


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