Choosing a theme for painting the living room

On the wall will suit people who prefer a quiet pastime. The painting applied to the entire partition looks unusual. The painted wall will occupy the central part of the room, will attract attention, so its design should be carefully considered. When finishing the wall with frescoes, the ceiling should not look so bright and clear. The recommended facing materials here will be wall-paper, painting, decorative plaster. The painting of the walls in the interior, chosen in a certain theme, will bring pleasure to fans of ethnic orientation. 

In this way, you can depict the cultural traditions of any nation or country. For people who prefer a quiet pastime, soothing landscapes depicting nature, the sea coast, clear skies are perfect. The style of dynamics can be conveyed by paintings depicting a modern metropolis with lots of people, cars and original abstract compositions. Such paintings can be made in accordance with the styles of modern and high-tech. Regardless of the direction, each of the picturesque paintings is painted individually, emphasizing the uniqueness of the interior.

Varieties of painting, application technique

Regardless of the surface, each of the walls in the painting for living room is suitable for decoration with picturesque paintings. To implement your own ideas, you only need to decide on the technique of applying the ornament. Painting the walls will make the situation more lively. Among the common types of such jewelry are:

  • Stencil
  • Embossed
  • Volumetric

Stencil painting is not associated with significant financial costs and does not require significant physical effort. All you need to do is choose a stencil and translate the picture on the wall with it. There is no need to involve specialists. Drawings look better on solid surfaces. Additional patterns will only burden the overall background, creating congestion in the design. Embossed painting is characterized by a rather complex application procedure, which affects its cost. To apply this kind of drawing should have certain skills. This wall painting has a somewhat binding look and is not suitable for the whole room. The relief plan will perfectly complement the rooms decorated in the classical direction, Rococo and Baroque.

Before applying such a mural, it is desirable to consult a specialist. The three-dimensional painting looks similar to the relief image of ornaments, but the technique of application is completely different. Such murals have a special reality of the image, a similar result is achieved by a successful selection of colors and shadows. The three-dimensional painting of the walls in the interior literally transforms it. From the successfully chosen pattern the whole situation of the house changes. The technique of applying images with fluorescent paint will bring a touch of mystery to the room at any time of day. Often such decorations are used in the interior of children’s rooms, the walls of which depict animals, favorite characters from fairy tales, and boundless stellar space. Such work can be entrusted to a specialist, but it is quite possible to carry out independently, together with children.