Blue Dream Strain- All You Need to Know

A blue dream marijuana strain is a 50/50 hybrid mixture of 40% blueberry indica and 60% silver Haze Saliva. It is the best American seed and one of the potent strains in the market.   This strain gets incredible popularity because of its amazing medical benefits. It gives relief from pain, stress, relaxation, anxiety, and many others. Blue dream strain can grow in different conditions and climates.  It provides successful results indoors and outdoors.  On the other hand this strain is easily grown indoors because it is easy to handle its growth and height as compared too outdoors. 

For full growth, the blue dream strain needs full nutrition in all stages of development. Its healthy buds make sure that the strain gets nitrogen, magnesium, fertilizer, and freshwater supply. Its flowering stage takes 8-9 weeks and its proper care will provide 500-600-grams fresh marijuana.

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Characteristics of Blue Dream Strain

Here are some important characteristics of Blue Dream Strain. Marijuana strain. So, get the characteristics.

Ø Appearance

This strain does not come in any blue and purple shade. It has a vibrant green color with frosty yellow and orange pistils. This strain leaves come in the range of orange to dark green and dark brown depending upon the species and buds. It’s bud color is sage with THC rich trichome appearance.

Ø Aroma

This blue dream marijuana strain comes with the best smell that is good to feel. Its strains provide the best high feeling as you want.

Ø Flavor

 The Blue Dream Strain is easy to recognize due to its unique flavor. It has fruity flavors with sandalwood, floral, citrus and grapefruit.  This strain comes with highly balanced quality from its parents’ strain.

Important Growing Tips for Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

You can easily grow the Blue Dream Strain in your home after following some tips. These tips are important to know for the better growth of this strain.

  1. Ventilation

Ventilation is an important factor to consider for the better growth of blue dream strain.  Make sure the plant is placed in a well-ventilated place.  The ventilation can also be achieved by the use of a small tabletop fan and other ventilated tools.

  1. Temperature

This one is the most important tip for blue strain growth. This blue dream is comfortable at the same temperature as a human. The most suitable temperature is 65-85-degree Fahrenheit.

  1. Odor Control

Some plants have a pungent odor that may be difficult to bear for other plants. On the other hand the blue dream comes in fruit flavor so no need to worry regarding its smell. But make sure it should be placed away from other plants.

  1. Light

During the first stage of growth, keep the plant in light for 18-24 hours. The first stage is known as the vegetation stage that is important for proper growth. So, make sure the plant gets proper light for more accuracy.

  1. Nutrients

No doubt the strain also needs some heavy diet for the proper growth, so the most important nutrient is the nitrogenous feed of the strain. So, try to supply the proper nutrients for a long time.

  1. Water

Try to keep a strain soil wet and make sure there is a pool of water on the top of the strain soil.  When there is a need to give it more supply. But overwatering of the plant is bad too. Therefore, try to maintain a proper water supply balance.

  1. Transplant

 When the 30 days are completed to the mark then there is time to transfer the blue dream plant into the large pot that is nearer to the 5 gallons. For more details just check

Sum Up

If you want to get some relaxation and calm feelings, the blue dream marijuana strain is a great choice.  It comes with amazing health benefits, a pleasant odor, and fragrance. Get the mentioned tips before growing this strain. Furthermore, you can do like this if you want:

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