6 Reasons to Study Music in Nashville

If you have a knack for music and want to build your career in the field, you need to critically approach the choice of college. The U.S. is full of universities offering many great music courses. However, since this profession requires professionalism, creativity, and talent. And you need to find a university to fit.

Students choosing Music as their major unanimously agree that Nashville, TN, is probably the best place to study it in the whole world. Music has been the invisible thread connecting the city and its people. It definitely is a fundamental pattern that shapes the cultural and business soul of Nashville.

If you seriously consider pursuing a career in the music field, there are a few reasons to choose Nashville.

America’s Best Musical Colleges

Nashville is commonly referred to as “Music City”. It can support all aspects of music production from studying to live performance organization. Given its role in American musical development, Nashville is famous for the best music colleges in the country. The most famous establishments include Belmont University School of Music and Vanderbilt University Blair School of Music among many others.

Most educational settings here focus on assisting talents. They focus on building careers either directly or by preparing qualified cadres to facilitate related business and commercial matters. There is simply no better place to study disciplines related to the music industry.

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Best Records Studios

The list of artists who come to Nashville to record their albums and singles is very long. And it keeps growing every day. Justin Timberlake, Bon Jovi, Michael Buble, and other celebrities choose Nashville records studios to do the job. And for a good reason. These studios can boast state-of-art technologies to record the highest quality sound. Even documentaries, including technology movies for students, are often narrated in Nashville.


Nashville as a city has a long history, which is closely intertwined with music. You may need to address helpful websites for students to find out more in-depth facts about the topic. However, even a quick glance at the city’s history makes it understandable why it is so central and influential for the musical industry.

Back in the 1700s, its first settlers celebrated their safe disembarking with fiddle tunes and buck dancing. Even its first celebrity, Congressman Davy Crockett, was a well-known fiddle player.

In the 1800s, Nashville became a center for music publishing recognized nationwide. You can find lots of documentaries on the establishment of its status as the country’s most prominent city with the mission of teaching music to formerly enslaved people. Shortly, Nashville earned a title of a global music center.

Country’s Fabric of Talented Country Musicians

Another important detail about Nashville is that it is a home city for many celebrities whose musical careers are recognized worldwide. Sierra Ferrell and Devon Gilfillian are originally from Nashville. Kelly Clarkson, the former “American Idol” star, has been living in Nashville since 2013. The names of Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus can also be added to the list.

Whether celebrities move to Nashville or were born in the city, the fact that it attracts them makes the Music City even more recognized and influential in the musical industry.

Historic Venues

This city is a magnet for musicians, and it attracts singers and composers from all over the world. Of course, granted its history, Nashville is bound to have a growing collection of historic venues related to notable music performances of famous musicians.

The first place goes to the famous Ryman Auditorium. It was built in 1892 and bears the title of the Theater of the Year for 7 years in a row. The award is given to it for being “the best auditorium in the nation to experience live music”.

The second top venue is called the Grand Ole Opry that actually secured Nashville’s title as a global musical center. This place is famous for hosting America’s longest-running radio show The Opry. In addition, the Grand Ole Opry has become a birthplace for the careers of hundreds of country stars. It also made Nashville a center for touring and recording.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Around 60-70% of this city’s population is involved in the music-related business. Nashville’s entire infrastructure and business sector is built to service bands and singers. You can’t find any other place in America that would be so engaged in musical careers and related matters.

However, this also has a negative impact. Nashville’s entrepreneurs needed to quickly develop new business ideas in lockdown to survive the pandemic, as most of them heavily relied on the city being the geographical center of live performances, recording, music production, and touring.

Final Words

These are only a few major reasons why you should study music in Nashville. If you ask students of Nashville whether they regret their choice or not, they will surely mention at least a dozen of other aspects that make their studies an enjoyable experience.

Nashville is a city of freedom and creativity for those who enjoy music, create and promote it. It fuels people’s desire to make their voice heard in the best of ways – with the use of melody, rhythm, and lyrics.


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