5 tips for successful marketing campaigns on social media

Here are the simple but harsh truths – It is not healthy to eat pizza and burgers three times a day, cats are stressed when we hug them and Elon Musk will never be your close friend.

Don’t throw stones and be mad at us, we’re just here to remind you how harsh reality can be. The reality of social media marketing is no exception. Every job has its challenges of course, but as we all continue to ride the evolving social media rocket, there are a few difficult realities that we face. Here are five difficult social media realities with ways to combat and overcome them all.

Success will take longer than you think

No matter how many Instagram hashtags you use (to get more Instagram followers) or how many tweets you send, you’re not going to organically gain thousands of followers in a month. Many of the brands that were the first to embrace social media quickly got very good results and are still reaping the benefits today. However, social media is now saturated with companies competing for attention, and users are increasingly selective about which companies they choose to invite into their personal networks.

It will take more than a handful of relevant posts over the next six weeks to start seeing the fruits of your labor. In fact, it can take years to create and execute your digital strategy (then refine it and execute it again…) before you really hit your stride. Remember, social media is community-based, and not all communities are created overnight.

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Be patient and consistent

Good things come to those who wait. Success in social media marketing Vancouver requires a long-term investment of time and energy, combined with equal amounts of patience and tenacity. Make sure you have a social media marketing strategy that you analyze and optimize on a regular basis. You can also try idx home search reviews. Most importantly, stick to it. Don’t run to your Facebook page to rock your last marketing campaign for a week in a row and then disappear for a few more months. Be consistent and give your efforts time to take hold and be prepared to lower your demands on how fast things should go.

Most people don’t care what you have to say

We told you there would be “hard” realities. But it’s important to address it now, because the sheer scale of social media may inflate your expectations of the engagement your brand should get. Once you stop naively believing that every human being on earth cares about your brand and should like all of your Facebook posts, you’ll be able to focus better on the people who actually do.

Find your fans and focus on them

Instead of trying to say anything to make everyone happy, focus on the people who really matter to your business: your customers, your prospects, and your brand advocates. Look at the people who are already replying to your messages and find ways to strengthen those relationships by giving them more of what they already value.

Commit to improving your content

When people follow your business on social media, they give you the go-ahead to participate in their carefully curated personal feed. Imagine what you post on social media between selfies of their best friend and quotes from people they admire. Is your post equally valid, engaging or entertaining, or is it a rather boring interlude? Worse, does this come out as a blatant sales attempt? An easy way to constantly check the quality of your content is to ask yourself: Would I be following my business on social media if I wasn’t working there?