Where In The World is Slots Gambling Illegal?

All countries make their own laws to suit their needs and circumstances. The laws they choose to pass can be influenced by political ideologies or even religious beliefs. When it comes to gambling, religious beliefs and political ideologies do come into play and heavily influence the laws that are placed upon the citizens of certain countries

 The laws on gambling at KingCasino vary greatly from country to country and some laws are relaxed whilst others are extreme. Countries like France have a very relaxed attitude towards gambling and place responsibility in the hands of the public.

The French are allowed to gamble freely and it is up to them to remain in control. Many other countries like Ireland and Australia share this view too and it does occasionally lead to problems such as gambling addiction, amongst the public. However, there are a number of countries where all types of gambling are illegal and the public even face prosecution if they are discovered gambling.

This is nothing new, as, throughout history, gambling has been banned at some point in time in many countries across the globe. What this usually did was to push gambling underground where it could not be controlled.

More often than not, the criminal element in societies would take over and run illegal and unlicensed gambling venues that proved problematic to punters. Despite this warning through time, outright laws prohibiting gambling still exist in many countries. 

North Korea 

North Korea is famous for cutting itself off from the rest of the world and only having a relationship with China. The North Koreans have recently opened up a little but the citizens still live by strict communist rule. One aspect of communism is its strong anti-gambling stance and this is reflected in the laws passed by the communist government.

All types of gambling are against the law here and the government censors the internet and blocks all access to gambling. However, tourists can gamble if they are part of a guided tour at the only casino in the entire country. 

United Arab Emirates 

In the United Arab Emirates anti-gambling laws include prosecutions that can lead to jail sentences. All gambling is against the country’s laws and anyone found gambling is prosecuted. Those caught, face up to two years in jail. Even online gambling is illegal and The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority monitors all internet traffic and blocks all access to any forms of online gambling. It is not clear whether tech savvy individuals can actually get around this ban by hiding their IP address. 


China is the largest and most powerful communist country in the world. Gambling is illegal and has been since the Communist Party came into power in 1949. Again, all forms of gambling including online betting are illegal and those caught gambling can face prosecution. Interestingly though, China is the home to Macau and this has become the biggest gambling resort in the world and the only place in China where slots gambling is legal.