When and how to process your change of address form?

Moving means there is a big change in your life from your friends to your surroundings to your address. But changing your address requires a complete process that you should not forget during the hassled moving tasks. You have to update it at the United States postal service so that you can receive all the mails at your new home. 

It is great to start the process earlier so you don’t find yourself in a problem where you have missed bills or something else because those have been sent to your old address. But if you don’t know where to start it then this is just the right guide for you. The professional movers listed with movingfeedback explain the entire process of changing your address during a move. Let us go through it and ensure that no mail of yours goes missing.


When you should start the procedure?

It is not a single-day task therefore you should start the procedure earlier. But what is the right time then? 

Generally, the procedure will take around 7 business days and it is recommended you to start the procedure before 14 days. The exact processing time for the procedure depends on the several factors like your location, the time of the year, the number of request that has been in process at a time and many others. These are the certain things that affect the time but overall, you should start the procedure 14 days before the moving day so that you don’t miss any important documents of yours. 

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These days we all want to do all our tasks online. All you have to do is to visit the official website for changing the address. 

  • Go at the official website 

On the official website, you have to click on the “click here to begin” button. Then you will see the options like view, update the address and other options. Click on the update option. This will lend you to another page. 

  • Enter the asked information 

On the next page, you have to enter information like the ZIP code, confirmation number and so on. The confirmation number is 16 digit numbers that will be sent to the new location. Then you can easily confirm your new address. The confirmation letter that you will receive at the new address contains the important information also.  

  • Make mandatory changes before submission of form 

You should make all the necessary changes and should check the form at least once after entering the entire information before you submit it. 

  • Update the email address or phone number. 
  • Add whether it is a change of temporary address or permanent address. 
  • Click whether it is an individual move or a family move. 

These are the certain things on which you should pay attention to make the update of the address successful. Apart from the online method of updating the address, you can also do it via your phone and you can also do it offline by submitting form number 3575. Choose any of the methods at your convenience. 

Some additional tips:

You should know the complete address of your new home 

Though it might seem a silly thing in many cases, this becomes a serious problem later. The stress and fatigue doing the moving related tasks make you sometimes forget the important things. So it is a great way to confirm the address to the lender or someone who knows before you update it. You should get it in writing because sometimes you can’t hear it correctly and can enter wrong in your form. 

Consider someone let it do for you 

If you are busy and you can’t do the task on your own then you can take the help of anyone. When you are busy doing household tasks then you can take the help of one of your friends or family members who can easily do it for you. 

The entire household should be covered 

You should include the name of all the family members who are moving with you. If some of the family members are moving with you while some are not then you can also choose to fill the individual form for the family members who are moving with you. While in case if the entire family is moving then you can click on the “family” option and you don’t need to fill out the individual’s form. 

Changing postal address would not change your address anywhere else 

It is your responsibility to update the address of all the organizations you are connected with. You should notify them in advance so that you don’t face any problems later on. You should also notify your friends and relatives about your move.  

Bottom line: It is recommended you to file an application earlier. Follow all the protocols of government and use all the above-written points to do it in an easier way. It is really important so don’t miss it while doing other hassled task of moving to a new place