Top Questions About Monitor Speakers

If you are a professional in the music production industry, chances are good you are always curious about what kind of updates you can make to your audio system in order to compete with other top producers in your region. 

With that being said, there are a lot of questions that you may not have the answers to, no matter how experienced you are or how many years you have spent in the industry. For example, you may be interested in learning about what kind of improvements you can make that can drastically improve your business.

One of the top questions that you may have could be about monitor speakers. If that is the case, then you have come to the right place. Learn more and let’s break down some of the top questions about monitor speakers together.

Do I need to break the bank to get top-quality monitor speakers?

It is generally true that the more money you spend on your monitor speakers, the higher quality they are going to be. With that being said, there are definitely good and bad monitor options no matter what your price range is.

Whatever your budget actually is, you are going to want to be sure that you are doing the leg work and reading the reviews necessary to get a great idea that you are making a fantastic purchase at the right price. 

Can’t I just use top-quality hi-fi speakers in my studio?

You may think that your money would be better spent if you end up purchasing a pair of really high-quality hi-fi speakers and using them on your sound system. However, there is a simple reason why hi-fi speakers, no matter how high quality they are, are never the right option for professional music producers.

The simple reason is that hi-fi speakers are actually meant to make music of any kind sound good. That is the last thing you are going to want if you are working on taking a raw piece of audio file and trying to make it into a finished product. That is why you really need to stick to products specifically made to be used as studio monitors.

Where should I place my monitors?

Once you actually get the monitors that you think will improve your overall system, you have to be sure that you are putting them in the right position and location in order to maximize their quality. 

The first rule is that you should always have your monitors at head height. Beyond that, make sure that you know which direction your monitors are supposed to be facing. Some can face straight out, but many are meant to be pointed slightly towards the listener. 

Finally, keep in mind that most monitors are meant to be laid down either vertically or horizontally. It should be abundantly easy to find out which way your monitors are meant to be oriented after quickly looking through the owner’s manual or doing a quick search online.