Pros and Cons of Vaporizer

Vaporizers are one of the devices that have been invented as a substitute method for smoking. Since traditional cigarette and tobacco smoking has become more and more frowned upon by many over the years, the demand for these “healthier” substitutes has been increasing — vaporizer or vape is one of those. 

Vapes are e-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes. These are battery-operated rechargeable devices that can be refilled with e-liquid or vape juice containing nicotine or cannabis, other chemicals and the flavoring. Through the liquid, the user will inhale vapor or aerosol instead of smoke. If you prefer cannabis over nicotine, try this cannabis vapor.

To provide you with a better overview of what a vaporizer is, below are its pros and cons that can also help you decide if its the right smoking substitute for you. 


1.   It is “safer” than traditional smoking.

The e-liquid used for vaping contains less nicotine compared to traditional cigarettes. It means that you are exposed to fewer risks nicotine can cause to your body if you are consuming it through vapes or e-cigarettes.

2.   It is more hygienic.

As long as you are cleaning your vaporizer correctly and regularly, it is considered more hygienic and less oral risk than smoking cigarettes. Remember to sanitize your device all the time especially before using it.

3.   You have control over your intake.

Since you have the power to limit the vape juice that you are refilling into the device, you have control over how much nicotine or cannabis you are consuming.

4.   It comes in a wide variety of flavours.

Vape juices are flavored and these flavors can be anything under the sun. From fruit flavors, candy, bubblegum, herbs, donuts, etc, whichever your favourite taste is, there is most likely a vape juice available for it.

5.   No more smell of smoke.

One thing that most smokers hate about cigarettes is the smell that can cling on their clothes and skin. This smell can even last for days before it disappears. Fortunately for vaporizers, that smell do not exist. Depending on the flavour you choose, you enjoy the effects of vaporizers, but you also enjoy how it tastes and how you smell right after. 

6.   It is now widely accessible.

Now that a lot have been patronizing vaporizers, they can be easily bought anywhere and brands have released their own versions. Plus, vaporizers are less costly compared to cigarettes.


1.   It can be costly over time.

Although vaping is cheaper than cigarette smoking, you still need an ample amount of budget for you to afford it regularly. Parts have to be replaced, and e-juices have to be refilled.

2.   It still has its health risks.

Yes, vaping is “safer” and “healthier” especially for those trying to transition from traditional smoking. However, too much use of it, just like anything else, has its own health risks.

3.   It can be addicting.

Although smoking a vaporizer is less toxic than smoking a cigarette, it can still be addicting. It either contains nicotine or cannabis, which can cause addiction to anyone who uses it regularly.

4.   It is complicated to use at first.

If you are not a “techy” person or are not fond of complicated technology, then vaping is not for you. From the refilling process of the vape juice, with oil its parts that need to be replaced, vaporizers are quite complicated at first and need getting used to.

Many have disputed the claims that vapes are healthier than cigarettes. However, through the ongoing studies that are being conducted, results have shown that vapes are the less harmful choice.