Positive and Negative Impacts of Online Gambling on Your Health

As we enter the New Year 2021, not much has changed. Unlike our previous new year’s eves, this time, we had just one wish, to have COVID-19 end. Considering the disastrous effects it had not just on the health sector, but also the economy and work lives, we all look forward to getting rid of it for good this time. Yet, just as there is a rainbow after every rain, there was a little good in here too, i.e. the online world. Not only did it save us from completely losing our sanity while being confined inside our homes, but also ensured a way for our daily work processing and habits to proceed. So has been the case with online gambling, wherein gamblers found a way to get out of despair as their favorite casinos and slot machines turned to online versions, with facilities including Interac casinos and online slots. 

The Era of Online Gamble

If one sits down to write the advantages that online gambling brought along, there are many. From providing the cost cut down of traveling to physical locations, to playing our favorite games from the comfort of our cozy couches, it has ultimately made our lives a lot easier. Especially for gambling fans residing in countries that restrict this practice, this was a convenient solution to pursue their passion. Considering these mere facilities, no harmful consequences have come to mind yet. After all, what could be dangerous while playing at an online casino from within the boundaries of our safe place? This is where the concern of health comes in. This online method may provide all the physical ease, yet, the question remains, is this impacting one’s health in any way?

Positive Impacts – The Brighter Side

The universal truth behind every online game is that it focuses on making the fans happy. A person who is not interested in online gaming overall will show no interest even when offered full discounts or bonuses. Alternatively, someone with a passion for online gaming will look at it as comfort from sadness, boredom, and depression. Below are some positive health impacts of online gambling:

  • Stress relief – Passing time through gambling makes one happier, thus releasing endorphins that automatically reduces stress. 
  • Less drinking – Physical casinos have fully stocked bars, thus making it harder to avoid excess alcohol. The best solution to that? Switching to online gaming. 
  • Healthy diet – There is no denying the various drinks in casinos, along with some great dishes to keep the appetite full. Yet, most of it can be junk. Thus, online gaming means healthy eating. 
  • Improves skills – A person playing in his comfortable home environment will focus better than one playing within a crowd of noise. Better focus leads to polished skills. 

Negative Impacts – The Darker Side

Just as every game has a set of pros and cons, so does online gambling. With the first and utmost fear being that of addiction, here are some more:

  • Less physical activity – It is surely a thrill, getting to play our favorite games while relaxing on our beds, yet, it is not exactly a healthy option. Fewer activity results in laziness. 
  • Eyestrain – For a gambling fan, addiction is meant to be. In the online edition, that means loads of screen time, and eventually, increased eye strain. 
  • Disturbed sleep cycle – It is easy to lose track of time when indulged in our phones, thus, addictive games like PUBG or online gambling are widely known for disturbing sleep routine. 
  • Relationship conflicts – A smooth relationship requires ample communication and attention, both of which suffer impacts when one or both the partners stick on the phone all day long. Hence, it can lead to bigger conflicts. 

Controlling Addiction

Anything that keeps us constantly thinking about it or disrupts our thought process too often, leads to addiction. While a huge drawback of the majority of online games is an addiction, the percentage is quite higher when it comes to online gambling. Gambling itself is an addictive hobby but when offered with utmost comfort, convenience, plus less cost and traveling, it becomes more compelling. Even so, just as every problem has a solution, so does this. For cases that see a severe effect on mental health, the instant remedy is to seek professional help. However, for mild addiction, one may seek help from a partner or friend to help bring in distractions. These may include, starting a new sport to promote activeness, adopting a new hobby to keep the mind occupied, and sticking to a strict schedule. 

What is next in Online Gambling?

Technological advancements never cease to stop, and after having discovered the extent of online ease post COVID era, it is bound to escalate more. Especially in the field of online gaming, each new update brings in loads of exciting offers for the players. As for gamblers, the good news is a highly innovative and enhanced platform for online gaming. They can expect to play using VR headsets in the coming times, which will not only add more thrill but also create a realistic environment to give the player a better vibe. A lot of the biggest casinos worldwide are working upon releasing applications to their users who cannot easily commute to the location, so they can play from home but with real players, dealers and landscape. 


Other than this, the increased use of blockchain technology has enhanced the process of storing records and tracking progress. It is of wide use in digital currency such as bitcoin etc., thus, it eventually connects to online gambling as well, given that it uses online cash. Furthermore, we have all noticed the ever-increasing trend of live gaming, which has also led to international competitions of e-sports. Therefore, while one may think online gambling eradicates the option of socializing, the future predicts a solution to this. It is set to host live streaming of gambling, wherein players can connect with other fans from all over the world, interact with them and participate in the game, feeling just as they are playing on live sets.