Live Music Continues To Be Cancelled Moving Into 2021

Over the past year, the majority of the entertainment business has been affected by the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, particularly the live music industry which has virtually been on hold since March as live events and concerts have been highlighted as a high-risk area for the spread of the virus.

[Image: BBC]

With the turn of the year, many expected these types of events to return but during the winter the virus seemingly got progressively worse due to the climate being more likely to pass on to others and the vulnerable. This has now extended the time in which live artists can be expected to get back on stage and start entertaining up again after a year of staying at home and forming our own ways of entertaining ourselves.

As said above, this has ensured that us consumers have formed alternative ways to stay entertained during this period from the comfort of our homes as we stay at home to combat the spread of the virus. One form of entertainment that has picked up during this period has been streaming services such as Netflix which has reported an increase in subscribers during the height of the pandemic as many used televisions as their way of staying entertained at home.

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So how long will it be until we see live music again? Well, large pharmaceutical companies have been working tirelessly to produce a vaccine for the globe to be able to take advantage of so that we can all become immune to the virus. Companies like AstraZeneca and Pfizer have had their vaccines given the go-ahead for governments to start rolling out the vaccine for the public to get jabbed so it is starting to look promising for live events and concerts to be up and running again at some point in 2021. Everyone has their fingers crossed to make this happen as soon as possible as we are all missing live music.