Here is What They Don’t Tell You About Drugs

If you are an average citizen of any state, there is a very high probability that you have heard phrases like “don’t do drugs,” “drugs kill,” and “drug users have a mental health condition.” You may also have seen posters or advertisements about drug abuse, been part of a classroom where drug abuse campaigns were held, and came across the hazardous notifications on drugs themselves. While many of the hazardous that various sources describe are true, they only paint one picture of the coin. Due to this one-dimensional view, many kids grow up with a resolute attitude towards drugs and are becoming highly addicted. Medical Cannabis Doctor considers Cannabidiol (CBD) to be highly effective for drug addiction.

 If you are a teenager or ever went through those years, you would know that many college students and even high schoolers consider drugs as their act of rebellion. It is a natural tendency because of the constant stigma around the topic blurs their perception. When they turn to drugs, they often become addicts who are not aware of detox options like chewing tobacco alternatives, nicotine gums and patches, nasal sprays, CBD gummies, and inhalers. 

Are Drugs Always Dangerous?

Contrary to the myths and misconceptions, drugs are not always the “bad, disgusting substances.” If you do some scientific research from books or even the internet, you will find out that a drug is merely any substance that alters your chemical balance or the nervous system. This property is due to the unique chemical structure of ingredients found in drugs. It makes them psychoactive, which is the technical term for mind-stimulating products like nicotine and marijuana.

However, drugs are not always nicotine, cannabis, and marijuana. They are also Opioid Analgesics, Zopiclone, Zolpidem, and other medical substances. Though the names may sound intimidating, the chemicals are merely cough syrups, insomnia pills, painkillers, and other such medicines. Doctors prescribe medical drugs on a regular basis, such as Phenytoin for seizures and Benzodiazepines for anxiety. Alongside countless other drugs that cure severe diseases, these substances are all classified as drugs. Though such medicines may have side-effects like drowsiness, they are overarchingly effective. Normalizing the medical uses of drugs is crucial to disseminate accurate information.

When Can Drugs Be Dangerous?

Drugs have many commercial and medical benefits, but it is not to say that they are absolutely safe. The crux of this discussion is that drugs are dangerous when their drawbacks exceed the benefits. People who face these mental issues often have insomnia and a tendency to self-harm. They feel excluded from mundane activities and may think that they don’t “fit in.” Due to the pertinent stigma around mental health, they conclude that they are alone in their struggles. So, they may start drugs as a coping mechanism. Because most young people do not have access to authentic, multi-dimensional information and their lives are generally challenging as their brains are still developing, they try to escape the problems through drugs. Addicts often convince their friends to accompany them in this risky endeavor. To avoid overdose and drug abuse, it is critical to provide safer alternatives and detox options and normalize healthy discussions about different drugs and address mental health problems.



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    Here’s how I see it is like this if your going to address the fact of drug’s then you need to address all drugs and not pin point the drug classification of a controlled substance like pain killers, or nerve medicine or even something for anxiety. Those are all controlled and yes they can be very dangerous but there’s the issue with cocaine, heroin, meth, imbombing fluid, horse traqulizers, there taken the imbombing fluid and mixing it in with weed, there taken the horse traqulizer mixing it in with the heroin, meth, cocaine as well as the fentyol don’t talk about a subject and not include everything cause someone may thing well they didn’t say anything about this or that one so it must be ok ” WRONG ANSWER”! There’s no safe drug out there in fact everyone that has taken something from a doctor should know that we are Ginny pig’s they test the dangerous drugs out on us when we get addicted and then our addiction becomes a problem and when your unable to get that drug anymore you turn to even harder drugs out there, I know what it’s like to be a addict and addiction isn’t something that nobody should never have to face cause everyone out there judges you looks at you like your not worthy and that’s when you feel that you don’t fit in, I truly recommend that you do a lot more home work about dangerous drugs and the mental state cause from a addict s point of view it’s the remarks and being judged by others that cause the addict to feel unwanted, those who turn their backs on their friends family this makes you feel the need to harm your self,
    For those who feel they need to judge those who have some type of addiction or those who say hurtful nasty words, those family members or your so called best friend before you all decide to do any of these things ask your self what would be the most positive helpful way of showing someone that there’s light at the end of the tunnel come let’s talk about this cause in everyday life every life matters, so never take what someone says to you hurtful to heart cause I’m am addict to fights the demon everyday and my life dose mater!

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