Celebrities who Love to Gamble

It is a known fact that celebrities usually spend a lot of money to lead their life lavishly. From designer clothing to exquisite travel destinations, palatial houses, expensive cars, and whatnot, they make it a point to live a king-size life. 

Another point that we can safely add to the above list is gambling. There are several celebrities who love to gamble, and they do not mind losing too! Check out our below list to find out if your favorite celebrity is on it and what’s their most loved casino game!

Pamela Anderson

This Canadian-American actor is a huge fan of poker and slot games. Apart from the work front, she is also known to visit Vegas for some casino fun now and then. 

She is most known for her epic performance in the series ‘Baywatch’. In fact, there is also a ‘Baywatch’ slot machine with Pamela’s poster on it, posing in her iconic red swimsuit. If you are a fan, check out some of the new slot sites here to spin and gamble on the Baywatch slot!

Matt Damon

Johnny Chan- the professional poker player, trained Matt Damon along with Edward Norton for the ‘Rounders’ movie. Since then, the Bourne series star is often seen at the casinos gambling with his childhood buddy Ben Affleck. Over the years, Matt has become perfect at the game and even wins at it many times!

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz’s obsession with Poker began when she participated in a charity event. She was invited by Ellen Degeneres for this event which included the game of Poker. Here she played this classy game, only to remain mesmerized with it for the rest of her life. 

She is so much in love with the game that she was also elected as “Miss Texas Hold’em” in 2010 by Maxim magazine. 

Sean Connery

The first James Bond of the Bond series doesn’t just gamble in his movies. Yes, he is fond of the Roulette game which he used to often play at the land-based casinos. Sean inherited the passion for the Roulette game from his dad. 

On one occasion, he is said to have bet on his favorite number ‘17’ repeatedly. While he did not win in his first few rounds, he eventually hit the jackpot of 15 million. 

Rafael Nadal

It’s not just the filmy world that is attracted to gambling. Many sportspersons and musicians, too, are fond of betting. One such person to add to this list is Rafael Nadal, one of the top Tennis players on the globe. 

Just like several other celebrities, Rafael also loves the game of Poker. He also gambles on the game of Texas Hold’em during his leisure time. He is so obsessed with the game that he plans to participate in the World Series of Poker after his retirement. 

Paris Hilton

Vegas is one of the Hilton’s favorite destinations for her gambling adventures. Although she does not play like a professional, she still pursues some of the casino games. She is said to have won around 30k USD on one of her birthdays!