A Concise Understanding of Node JS and its Importance

For people interested in coding and everything related to coding, there are a lot of courses available. One quick search online can open you up to various online and offline courses on IT. Amongst the plethora of Web Development courses, it is important to choose the right course to become a web developer. The process of choosing the right course can be quite daunting. If you’re thinking about doing a course related to IT and software, you’re in luck! This article talks about the importance of doing a Nodejs course. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know Node JS.

A little backstory

There are many languages used for the purpose of coding such as HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc. Amongst all these languages utilized for the development of websites, the most significant and popular one is JavaScript. In the initial years of JavaScript coming to the forefront, it had several functional limitations. This increased the workload and reduced the efficiency of web developers in the process of developing websites and applications. This is because they had to use several coding languages to develop websites and apps. After Node JS was introduced, this tool made things easier for web developers.  

What is Node? 

The introduction of the web development tool had a positive impact on web development. This is because it overcomes the limitations of JavaScript. With the launch of Node, developers could use JavaScript for server-side applications. To sum it up: 

  • Node JS broadened the scope of using JavaScript. 
  • Web developers do not have to use multiple coding languages anymore. 
  • To use Node, there must be access to the file system as well as the operating system. 

Courses on Node JS

Now that you understand the importance and scope of application of this fantastic tool, doing a Nodejs course makes sense. Doing a course on Node JS can make you a distinguished and successful web developer. Some important things you’ll learn from a Node JS course include: 

  • You will learn how asynchronous codes work. You will learn how to modify parts of a web page without reloading other parts of the web page. 
  • You will learn about the single-threaded nature of Node JS. 
  • You will be taught about the process of building a web server using Node JS. 
  • Node Event Loop is another concept you will learn about in these courses. 

Time required 

How much time you will need to complete a Nodejs course is dependent on your experience as a web developer. 

  • If you’re experienced in the field of web development then this course will take you a month or two to complete. Your knowledge about JavaScript and coding with JavaScript will also determine how long you will take to complete this course. 
  • In case you’re just starting out, this course will definitely take longer to complete. If you’re new to web development, you will need about a year to finish this course. 

Learning how to use this invaluable web development tool will help in your journey to becoming a full-time web developer!