Your Complete Guide to Watching 4K Content on 4K TV

Research from shows that companies sold a whopping 108 million 4K TV units in 2019. From the inception of the technology in mid-2013, this is a tenfold increase in sales. 4K TVs come with a lot of features and programs and have enjoyed great success. They come with clearer, sharper, and deeper colors. They boast a vivid pixel display of 4,096 x 2,160 and have four times the number of pixels than classical HDTVs. 

Pre-requisites to Watching 4K Content on a 4K TV

We already know that 4K TVs come with some mind-blowing offerings. Obviously, they come with a higher resolution and are ideal for watching movies owing to their crystal-clear displays. Now, a simple question arises. How can one watch 4K content on these technological masterpieces?

First up, you need to have a stable internet connection. For that, you need a good ISP. Being a loyal customer of Spectrum internet, I watch all my favorite shows and movies by streaming them on my new 4K TV without any buffering issues. 

The second step is buying an actual 4K TV. Remember, a normal HDTV cannot play a 4K video. If you do attempt such a thing, you won’t be able to differentiate between that video and a normal HD video. 4K TVs are specialized screens with higher resolutions built to watch 4K videos. The good news is that they are readily available in the market today. As a result, they aren’t too expensive. 

Get Better Internet Packages

It is a must to upgrade your internet. You need more bandwidth and throughput undoubtedly. 4K videos consume more internet than normal HD videos. After all, they are 4 times higher in resolution. Check-in with your internet provider and select a package that suits you! 

Due to the recent Coronavirus lockdown, people are working from home. If you have more than two individuals following the WFH regime, then you need a higher internet speed for sure. Discuss with your provider in detail before you make a selection.

Have a Dedicated Space

Do note that 4K TVs are quite large and fall in the range of 43” to 80” screen sizes. For an immersive and life-life experience, you need to have a dedicated space for this TV. Free up space in your living room and develop a mini home cinema. It would be lit if you can get a good sound system alongside as well.

Register On an Online Streaming Service

Streaming services like Netflix will give you to access to a lot of high-quality TV shows and movies that come in 4K. In the comfort of your couch, you can have a cinema-like experience by subscribing to such a streaming service. With good internet already in place, you will have a visually pleasing experience like no other.

Purchase a 4K HDMI Cable

A good HDMI cable that supports 4K videos will allow you to experience amazing video quality on your TV. Use it so that you’re the video quality coming from your provider reaches you in its very best form. 

Get a 4K Streaming Box

A 4K streaming box is quite a necessity as well. Such a box will allow you to get quality streaming services from the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime etc. The box will provide you with a highly immersive and smooth streaming experience. 

Obtain 4K Services from a 4K-Supporting Provider

Do note that not all internet service providers give support for 4K HD streaming. Obviously, to stream 4K videos, a lot of internet data is utilized. Therefore, you need to check in with your existing ISP to confirm if they have support. In case they do not have support then do not worry. You can always try out the other ISPs in your area. Try to go for a bundle package as they cost less. I remember I had to increase my internet bandwidth and switched to a bundle package from the standard Spectrum TV plan. It proved to be a great value for money. Do some research and it will benefit you!

Invite your friends for a game night and have a hot discussion about the prospects of the match together. Celebrate a goal, root for your favorite team, or praise the wonderful VFX effects on a newly released movie! With 4K TV, you can enjoy the game season like never before! Imagine all the fun you will have with a larger screen.