Why You Should Hire an Event Planner for Your Next Corporate Party

Planning corporate events and parties is an often stressful, expensive, and time-consuming experience involving loads of organization and coordination. When faced with the monumental task of organizing your next company event, you might consider hiring event planners or event production companies that can help you create a detailed schedule, examine your budget, reduce the cost of numerous services, and choose an interesting theme. Working with an event production company for your next corporate event can substantially decrease your stress, so you can plan your event or party with greater peace of mind. Good event planners are highly skilled and organized, and are properly staffed and equipped to handle details like invites and number of attendees. Event production companies also often have contacts with experienced vendors, can provide security where needed, and can develop a comprehensive plan, ensuring your event is a memorable success.  Learn more about the benefits of working with event production companies below.

1. Developing a Theme for the Event

Once you hire an event planner, they can work with you to develop a creative and innovative theme to keep your event feeling fresh, current, and entertaining. No more recycling the same stuffy corporate themes year after year. They’ll customize the atmosphere of the venue, choose decorations, add custom signage, evaluate upcoming performances, and purchase necessary equipment. Quality, professional event planners may also manage important personnel who can help your attendees. Additionally, event planners can plan unique, entertaining, and on-theme activities for your guests to enjoy, elevating your party from average to unforgettable…

2. Managing Your Event Budget and Improving Efficiency

Event planners can work within your budget and are experts at handling expenses so you get the most bang for your buck. Through their industry network, they can often secure deals with venues, caterers, security companies, and other such expenses that would be more costly if you contracted them independently. Event producers are great at making sure you get the most value for your budget. They can also help mitigate unforeseen expenses and increase the profitability of your event.

If you hire event planners in NYC, they will manage your detailed budget, and evaluate the costs of any services your event requires. As they handle staff, decor, and overall planning, working with event planners inevitably leads to a more efficiently-run event.

3. Choosing the Perfect Venue 

Choosing a venue is the most important and one of the most expensive steps of planning your corporate soiree. Event planners often have resources at their disposal to make venue-shopping a breeze. From contacts within the industry that allow them greater access and better rates to certain venues, to technology that can render a cutting-edge 3D model of your event, finding a venue for your corporate event is less daunting when you hire a dedicated event planning company.

Event production companies are specially prepared to deal with large events involving many guests. They can help walk you through deciding how to decorate your venue — from choosing furniture to mapping out seating arrangements. No matter the size of your party, they can help you find the perfect venue. , 

4. Contacting Vendors

Perhaps the most tedious part of event planning is coordinating and contacting several vendors to organize food, seating, decor, lighting, sound, and much more. Hiring an event planner is the best, most efficient way to consolidate vendors. They often have connections and special deals with vendors, so you can work with the best in the industry for the best rates. Event production companies handle all vendor coordination on your behalf, so you only have one or two point persons to communicate with at any given time. No more wrangling several different vendor contacts on your lead up to the event. Event planners streamline that process for you, plus you get the benefit of securing hefty discounts with vendors through your planner.  

5. Unique Event Customization Options

Besides choosing a theme, event planners are uniquely equipped to analyze your guest list and type of event and curate the party accordingly. A tech event made up of young 20 and 30-somethings will require a different aesthetic touch and entertainment than a black-tie event with an older, more traditional crowd. Event planners have their fingers on the pulse of current event planning trends and know what decor, music, and entertainment is required to make your event the talk of the corporate world. The ability to add that bit of extra customization to your event is what makes an event production company stand out from the rest.

Choosing an Event Planner

When you are ready to hire an event planner for your next corporate event, consider working with Twenty Three Layers. This innovative, NYC-based event production company handles event design and production for all kinds of corporate and social events. Their portfolio includes companies like airbnb, Google, Slack, Sephora and more. Twenty Three layers brings unique event experiences to life. They work with you to develop a plan catered to your goals, target audience, messaging, and brand perception. Their combination of creative vision, innovative design, and careful execution will take your corporate event to the next level.  

There are many things to consider before hiring an event planner for your next corporate event. Working with the right company can ensure it’s a success.