What is a Sherlock Pipe?

Sherlock pipes are a staple piece for a variety of reasons. They are functional, easy to use hand pipes, and come in plenty of shapes and sizes to spark interest in even the most avid collector. From simple Sherlocks to the Gandalf pipe, these classic pieces are perfect for any collection.

What Is a Sherlock Pipe? 

The sherlock pipe features a simple design that includes the bowl, carb, and a smoothly-arched stem for perfect filtration. The best sherlock pipes are made from double-blown glass and can have very cool and sleek designs. These types of glass pipes come in a bunch of different shapes, sizes, and colors and are known for their dense bowls and smooth airflow design through the stem.

The most iconic sherlock pipes are of course those used by the famous Sherlock Holmes – with the long, slender stem and a large bowl that elegantly balances at the end. Sherlock pipes usually have a small protrusion in the middle of the stem so it can sit flat with the bowl sticking up, while others have a flat bottom portion of the bowl. This is a common feature that allows them to look pristine sitting in the middle of your collection of pieces. 

The History of Sherlock Pipes

Originally dubbed “billards” and “calabash” pipes in Britain in the early 1800s, sherlock pipes were commonly used. They were actually one of the first forms of smoking pipes ever used and were adapted to their unique shape in order to appear more proper and classy. As Sherlock so masterfully portrayed, these pipes were for deep-thinkers and those who enjoyed having an elegant pipe alongside these sessions. They were seen as high-class and for those who valued knowledge and deep thought. Over time, these pipes have become very collectible due to their vintage appearance and also because they are just plain fun to use and collect.

Types of Sherlock Pipes 

The iconic sherlock pipe can have many uses including dry herb, tobacco, and even wax with the right piece. The slight concave stem allows for smooth filtration and clean hits every time. They have evolved into multiple categories including:

Standing Sherlock Pipes

If you are looking for that model Sherlock piece to put on display, then the standing pipe is the best option. These pipes have either a flat bottom underneath the bowl or small marble appendages that allow them to easily sit upright. We offer many different types of standing types, all with their own unique flavor that can fit into any collection.

The best part about these pipes is the ease of use. There is no need to stash or store these if you are worried about breaking them because they balance upright so easily. You can simply grab the standing sherlock pipe and go without having to worry about any setup. Packing and prepping is easier than ever withstanding pipes. You don’t have to worry about balancing the pipe in your lap with one hand while you try to pack it with the other. They are perfect party pieces and work great as a quick fix that still gives you some personalization and style in the process. They are one of the most effortless to use pipes out there. 

Color Changing Glass Sherlock Pipes

Color-changing varieties of the Sherlock pipe are some of the most fun pieces of any kind to use. With each use, they change colors! Some pipes even give off more intensified color as you use them, which makes for a fun game to play as you use your piece more and more. Aside from the visual satisfaction, these sherlock varieties have deep bowls and are made from extremely durable double-blown glass. The resin that builds up over time is what results in the color change so every time you clean it, you get to go through the process all over again. This is why the color-changing pieces are so timeless – they never lose their flare! You can show off the fun and stimulating colors to your friends every time you use it or just enjoy it for yourself. As always, you also get the smooth filtration and simple to use design that made these pipes so famous in the first place. What’s not to love?

Wooden Sherlock Pipes

If you want to stick with the classics and get a timeless and classy look, then the wooden sherlock pipes are your perfect choice. The wooden varieties are a look that doesn’t get more sophisticated and are always fun to use and have in a collection. Wooden sherlock’s are normally made with high-quality hardwood that gives a unique flavor profile to the smoke – one that some people swear by. They are perfect for both newcomers looking for a perfect first piece and also can be a great switch-up for veterans. If you have never given a wooden sherlock a try, you are really missing out!

Another aspect not to be overlooked is the durability of the wooden pieces. They are virtually unbreakable which is a huge improvement over their glass counterparts. If you need a strong and reliable piece to take on the go and still want to have some style too, then the wooden Sherlock’s are the perfect bet.

Gandalf Pipes

If you’ve never witnessed a Gandalf sherlock-style pipe in action, are you really even living? The Gandalf pieces have gained massive notoriety for their style, massive hits, and overall aesthetic appeal. Designed after the elongated style of pipe the famous Gandalf religiously used, they are able to provide much smoother and cooler hits due to the increased surface area of the piece. The longer stem provides the ability to get huge rips as well. If you are looking for big rips, some Gandalf pipes can rival bongs with the right size bowl. They can give you and your friends a big new challenge while also adding a unique piece that will no doubt be the envy of your group. Everyone loves a good Gandalf pipe and you haven’t tried one yet, you are definitely missing out on a fun and unique experience.

How to Clean Sherlock Pipes

Cleaning your Sherlock pipe is a simple task that only requires a couple of household supplies. To start, gather up some isopropyl alcohol or cleaning alcohol, a plastic bag that will fit the pipe, and some salt. Place the pipe in the bag and then fill it about one-third of the way with the alcohol and along with a tablespoon of salt. Then, shake the bag for 30 seconds to a minute until the alcohol and salt have completely covered the pipe. Let the pipe sit in the bag, and depending on how dirty it, this can take anywhere from an hour to overnight to completely soak. If you do not want to wait this long, just take out the pipe, rinse, and repeat the process until it is as clean as desired. 

Sherlock Pipe Benefits 

Sherlock pipes are in a class of their own when it comes to style, functionality, and portability. They have an unbeatable classic look that adds a fresh dimension to any smoker’s collection. The wooden varieties offer unbeatable durability and are among the best portable pipes around.

Some of the highlights of our Sherlock pipes include:

  • Unique style
  • High-quality, double blown glass
  • Deep bowl and large carbs
  • Smooth filtering
  • Plenty of shapes, sizes, and colors to choose from

Almost everyone has either tried or has a sherlock pipe in their collection. They are easy to use, perfect for travel, come in a variety of materials (silicone, glass, wood, titanium, etc), and are simply a classic piece that will never go out of style.

As you can see, Sherlock pipes are versatile, stylish, and are just plain fun to use.