Quick interior design tips for modernizing your home (2020/21)

With the pandemic showing no signs of letting up, many of us are well accustomed to the new norm at this point, working from home where possible and being sure to stay indoors in order to stop the further spread of the virus. So much time spent within the same 4 walls might have you thinking that you want to spruce up your home, to get it feeling a little bit fresher and more exciting going into the new year.

Want to make some changes to your home to make it more modern and exciting, but unsure of where to start? Spending hours looking at Homeadvisor trying to figure out who the best contractor will be or if you should DIY? Well, we’ve compiled a short list of interior design tips that you might want to think about for inspiration. Or you could also check out victoria plum for some other toilet design ideas. Read on to get started, and see if there’s something here that you haven’t yet considered!

Going for a minimalist feel

To begin with, particularly if you live inside a compact apartment building, or are sick of clutter overbearing your space, this might be the sort of thing that you want to consider. Many forward-thinking, new apartment buildings in cities around the world are opting to go for a minimalist, sleek, and space-saving interior design aesthetic. This includes non-overbearing furniture that is functional and can be moved around for space and clear surfaces that can be adapted, for the modern urban tenant that is constantly on the move and needs to make the most of the limited space that they do have available.

Interesting to see what these spaces look like, and perhaps replicate one for yourself in your own home so that you can have a modern space that is more malleable and allows you to get more done? Take a look at RWinvest’s modern apartment designs, throughout cities across the UK such as Liverpool and Manchester. These luxury apartment interiors are the sort of standard being set currently in the property investment/property management space.


Following the whole minimalist idea, another modern interior design trend that’s going to bring your home/apartment space into the modern day is by investing in some smart home equipment, such as smart lighting, safe home security, or even simple smart assistants through speakers such as the Google Home or Amazon Echo products, which allow you to set alarms, play music, or even turn on your lights and appliances. Not only are these sorts of products great for streamlining your overall experience within the home and bringing you closer to the modern-day, but they can be customized and connected with each other, so you can but as little or as much as you want to start with – controlling them all through your smartphone.

From an interior design standpoint, smart tech is extremely easy to set up and install (providing you have the right internet facilities – which most people will have as a necessity nowadays), and it can change up the feel of your home in an instant. But, for the truly non-handy, sites like Homeadvisor are an easy way to find someone to come do your entire install for you. If you’re working with reduced space, for example, you might decide to change the colors of a room using smart lighting, changing the mood of your home when desired without the hassle of having to carry out some serious renovations.

Add some art

Walls play an important role in making a house a home. And what better way to add some pizazz to your walls than art. Some Ideas like Canvas photo frames and wall paintings can enhance the dining room wall painting and really make things pop.

Adding color

Got a space at home that feels a little dull and dreary, and want to spruce it up a little more with some color? If you don’t want to go over the top, a feature wall can be the perfect middle ground. Picking a bright color that goes well with muted tones of the rest of the home can add in a bit of life, without going overboard. If you’re unsure of which color will look best in your home and don’t want to go getting the paint cans out and rushing into a major decision, why not again use technology to your advantage? Many interior decorators and designers nowadays use AR apps that overlay using your smartphone’s camera, allowing you to see what the room will look like beforehand and this make the right decision on a purchase.  And, if you’ve saved enough in other areas of your modernization project, use Home Advisor to find a painter to tackle your walls for you.