Popular Nightlife Entertainment Options In Singapore For Tourists

While Singapore is well known for its pro-business policies and hence attracting lots of business tourists, Singapore actually has also lots of popular nightlife entertainment choices for tourists. These are probably well known to frequent business travelers to Singapore, and here are some of the most popular ones!

One of the nightlife entertainment options which is available in Singapore both to locals as well as tourists would be meeting social escorts, or what some people will refer to as call girls or paid companions. These are paid companions who provide what is called the girlfriend experience. Escort girls are highly popular in Singapore especially among business travelers and tourists, so you should try to book at least several hours in advance. However, one thing you need to note is that because this is a tightly regulated industry and can be a very different experience in every country, you are recommended to only meet social escorts from legal agencies, and do your own prior research on booking escorts in Singapore. Also, escorts as a form of nightlife entertainment choice in Singapore is generally more expensive, and hence only recommended for the more well-heeled gentlemen tourists.

Another great and popular option for nightlife, or at least even till the late evenings will be shopping! Shopping malls in Singapore have some of the longest opening hours in the world. They are usually only closed approximately at 10 pm or 1030pm local time, which enables many people who are bored or want some entertainment to drop by the local malls to shop. This can be a unique nightlife entertainment option for those who have not experienced late evening shopping before. This is the case for almost every mall in Singapore, including those in the heartland suburban areas, and not just those along Orchard Road.

One of the more unique past times of Singaporeans, and many businesses or casual tourists alike to Singapore will be that of eating! And I am not referring to bars or pubs, and the snacks and alcoholic drinks sold at those joints. And I am definitely not referring to 24-hour fast food places. In fact, I am referring to cafes and certain restaurants that are open all throughout the night, and these are scattered all throughout Singapore! You can get your choice of Western, Chinese, Indian, or Malay cuisine, and have a great time eating throughout the night without needing to get drunk with your friends.

Of course, no nightlife roundup can ever be complete without talking about night clubs and their heart-pumping music and songs! While Zouk is one of the oldest, largest, and most established clubs in Singapore, there is a bigger hyped-up one MARQUEE which opened up at the iconic Marina Bay Sands just a short while ago only. Both of these are highly popular amongst tourists to Singapore who like partying at clubs. Because of their popularity, music, and DJs they also attract more people than other clubs locally in SG already due to that. This then further causes a snowball or flywheel effect and attracts even more club-goers. Thus for the lads visiting SG who like to party, and whom are looking for the greatest number of hot girls at the local SG night clubs, these two are definitely highly recommended.

Next, rooftop bars in a city like Singapore is something that is a popular choice for many tourists to Singapore to visit. With a beautiful city skyline, rooftop bars like 1-Altitude and KU DÉ TA are among the hottest choices for tourists looking to unwind in Singapore after the end of a long day touring around for casual tourists, or after a long day of meetings for business travelers to Singapore. With an amazing city skyline, clear skies, and luxurious vibes all around these rooftop bars, they are a hot frequent spot for wealthy expats and tourists. Different bars also showcase different music and song vibes.

For being such a small country in terms of geographic size, Singapore definitely still hits far above its weight even when it comes to something like nightlife entertainment. One thing you may want to note is that the costs for partying and enjoying yourself in Singapore will definitely cost significantly more than almost every other location in Asia, and perhaps the world. However, you do get some of the most luxurious vibes too. The best part of it all for Western tourists? English is the first language used in Singapore, both written and spoken – making life very convenient.