Must-Have Emergency Equipment for Winter Camping

Winter is coming, meaning it is just the right time to prepare for it. If you are up to camping but have no major experience, you will definitely need to refresh your memory and gear before hitting the road. In this article, we have prepared a list of must-have emergency equipment that will come in handy.

Have a Shelter

First things first, you will need a place to sleep and to have a rest between walks. You will logically need a proper cold-protected tent and some sleeping bags. Choose the latter wisely and pay attention to the temperature rating: select a bag with a few spare degrees from the coldest temperature you expect. The compression bags will also be necessary. If you don’t have a compression bag yet, you can look those up in a corresponding article on with a detailed review of different models.

You will also need sleeping pads with high R-value, easy to pack pillows, and probably a foam pad for better warmth. This is only the must-have equipment for sleep, but that is a lot already. Be sure to plan the weight of your equipment before you go as there are more things to carry coming.


The second essential thing about camping is the food. Your group will need to be capable of cooking, and there are several tools you have to pack to create a mobile kitchen. First of all, you will need a camping stove, which will work under the cold weather and a strong lighter to start the fire. Don’t forget your forks, plates, and mugs for comfortable eating.

However, cooking the food is only half of your responsibility: you will also need to store it properly. A great idea for that is to bring some cord and carabiners to hang the food bags. Choosing the food itself is also important: make sure to take high-calorie products as your body requires more calories to keep itself warm.

Safety Equipment

And last but not least, the safety equipment. To make it through the nights comfortably, take flashlights and a good stock of batteries. First aid kits are also necessary, and you will need a GPS or a map to track your location. Multi-tools, knives, watches, and other useful stuff might come in handy as well. It is important that all of the mentioned tools work properly at cold temperatures, so make sure to visit a special store or do some tests before hitting the road.

The list is already huge, not to mention that you will need to take spare clothes and personal items as well. However, it is a very dangerous mistake to neglect security and go without the mentioned items. It is better to carry them all the way through without using than having an emergency and not being able to prevent the consequences.

Planning Is Essential

As you could have already noticed, there are many things to carry, and forgetting some of them might ruin the whole camping experience. We suggest both being careful and concentrated when packing things and planning precisely who will carry what. Taking too much stuff might also make it slower and harder for your group to travel. Feel free to comment on our article and complement it by sharing useful advice for new campers.