Is Doubledown Casino Real Money ?

Is Doubledown casino real money? Read on to get your answer!

“I wouldn’t label myself an expert on gambling even though I have spent a fair share of time gambling online. I have tried almost every online casino such as 12Play that has been functional for the past five to six years. And after trying almost every game including Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, Roulette, Craps, Keno, and Bingo, I find myself coming back to slots.”

That’s the reason I got hooked to Doubledown Casino from day one. It is undoubtedly, the closest that I have come to playing real slots in Las Vegas. The games are so interactive and well-designed that you cannot help but feel that you are playing in a real gaming room in ‘The Mirage’.

To top it off, playing online has its own perks. You can play it on Facebook which makes it one of the first social slot games. And there are features like free spins, wild scatters, multipliers and more which makes you want to keep going one level up.

If you are new to Doubledown though, then you are bound to have this doubt.

Is Doubledown real money play?

The most commonly asked question.

The fact is that this is one of the most commonly asked questions online. And IGT is partly to blame for this question popping up repeatedly. That’s because they have designed the game so flawlessly that people wonder if it is a real slot game.

Also, the popularity of the game is another reason why people wonder whether ‘is Doubledown Casino real money?’

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Well, if one were to look at it in the literal sense, the fact is that there is real money involved in Doubledown. But not in the way that most people playing the game expect it to be. Since it is a social slot game, most people playing Doubledown or finding out about the game, expect it to be like a real casino game where they can win money. Or at least, encash their online winnings for real money. That’s where they go wrong though.

How is real money involved in Doubledown?

The only way that real money is involved in Doubledown Casino is when you use it to buy chips and unlock advanced features of the game that are otherwise locked. And if you analyze this moneywise, you will pay a lot of it.

That’s because you keep running out of your supply of chips. The more you bet, the more you win, the faster you proceed in the game. That is addictive. Once you get hooked to spending money on chips, you won’t be able to stop yourself. That’s when the real money starts to go out of your pockets.

So, if you have wondered, ‘Is Doubledown Casino real money’? It is. But the real money will only go out of your pockets. Nothing will come in. The only earnings will be how soon you progress in the game and how many machines you can unlock to play newer and more addictive slot games.

If you are smart, you should look for ways to get free chips for doubledown rather than spending real money on a game that gives you nothing in earnings.