Importance of country music

Usually, when people hear about country music, the first thing that comes to their mind is that every song is about drinking, trucks or girls. But, if you are a country music lover or if you just try to understand the song better you discover that this type of music is more than that. 

It is true that almost all country songs do talk about drinking, but the main point of these songs is to listen to the story behind those lyrics. The stories you will find listening to country songs will offer you other perspectives about life, because they are stories with meaning and depth. 

Country music usually tells stories about love, family childhood, dreams, faith or even death or pain. It represents a very expressive type of music that can easily touch your heart if you listen closely to it, and because of that we consider that country music has such a great importance in this world. Sincerity is the word that describes it perfectly, and that is why most listeners fall in love with it.

The history of country music

Ccountry music dates back to the 1910 in the recordings of Southern Appalachian fiddle players. But the first commercial country record that was ever made was in 1922 by Eck Robertson. Although, history says that country music was born in 1927 when The Carter Family and Jimmie Rodgers signed with Victor Records. 

Jimmie Rodgers is the first most popular country singer from those times, being known as the “Father of Country Music”. He was well known for his distinctive rhythmic yodeling being also a great inspiration for many other artists. 

 In the 1930s – 1940s, when the radio became an important source of entertainment, country music became more and more popular among people, starting from the South as far west as California, andas far north as Chicago. Country songs became more and more popular because they were used by movies made in Hollywood. Also in 1925 the Grand Ole Opry opened and it is still open today. The Grand Ole Opry is the most iconic American country music stage, situated in Nashville, Tennessee and it was founded by George D. Hay. 

Nashville and country music 

When you hear about Nashville the second thing that comes to your mind is country music, but it is also known for being the place from where important figures such as Elvis, Jimi Hendrix or Taylor Swift started their careers, and the most important city for all types of music genres.   

Nashville became the city of Music in 1925 when an insurance company came out with the brilliant idea of starting up a radio station in Nashville, that he could use in order to promote his company. That is how the WSM radio station appeared. They were playing classical music mostly, but on Saturday evenings there was only country music played. The broadcast became very popular among the Nashville citizens and they were gathering around the radio station every saturday night to see the musicians. A short time after that, WSM built an auditorium called Grand Ole Opry, so that their listeners could enjoy the music better. The Grand Ole Opry is still running from those days until now, making Nashville the city of music.

Country Music singers

Ellen Muriel Deason, professionally known as Kitty Wells was a popular country singer who succeeded in being the one of the first women singing country music. Her most famous song was “it wasn’t God Who made Honky Tonk Angels” which was a great hit in 1952. She was a great inspiration for the other women singers that came after her.  

Jason Aldean is another important figure for the American Country music. He was born in Macon, Georgia in 1977 and he started his career in 1998 at the age of 21. His debut single was “Hicktown” which was released in 2005 reaching number 10 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs. From those times until now Jason Aldean created many other successful songs and he became very popular among the country music listeners. Due to its popularity there are even slot games that have its name. 

Hank Williams, was one of the most influential singers and also songwriters of the 20th century. He was born in Butler County, Alabama and he began his music career in 1937. He was hired by the WSFA radio station to perform a small program. He succeeded in creating impressive songs that made people love him and became very popular. In 1947 he signed with MGM Records and released the massive country hit “Move it on Over”.

A very popular figure in the country music industry is Johnny Cash. He was born in Kingsland, Arkansas. Known for his calm bass-baritone voice, he began his career with his signature song “Folsom Prison Blues”. He succeeded in making amazing collaborations with different singers. He produced many important songs that inspired many people. In 1969 he started his own TV show, which was performed in Nashville. In his long career of almost five decades for many people around the world Johnny Cash was the personification of Country music.


As we saw above, Country music has a very long history behind and it still plays a very important role in many people’s hearts, because of that we can say that there is something about this type of music that makes it very special for many of us.