How to use an oven correctly

One of the great allies of the kitchen, without a doubt, is the stove oven. However, sometimes we prefer not to use it and there are two main reasons why we do not take full advantage of it: the main one is that you do not have time to cook, and the second is because you do not know how to use it correctly or what foods you can prepare without causing a disaster total. If you take damage to your tools of course you have to go to the right place. Supposing, you should go to 22Bet Tanzania football betting if you want to bet on football in Tanzania.

In this situation, we will show you how to use the oven easily and simply. 

1.- When you open the oven door, you will notice that it has two racks, which are used to place the refractories, however, you should know that their main function is to distance the containers with the food from the heat, so if you want to grill You should place something in the highest part, as it is where the heat is most concentrated. 

2.-Putting your dish in the middle of the racks will give you an even cooking, as the heat will flood your dish everywhere, so it is the perfect distance to cook; and if you only want to reheat your food you should place it in the lowest part, since the temperature is lower. 

3.-Modern ovens already have different functions, so by turning a knob you can choose the way to cook your dish, either grill (roast cuts of meat or gratin), slow cook (cook pieces of meat in an open container ), pizza function or simply defrost. Also, if your oven is not so modern and does not yet have the technology, you can calculate the doneness with a thermometer that you can find in any supermarket. 

4.-To dehydrate food, the ideal is to place them at a temperature of 80 degrees Celsius so that they retain their properties. In addition, so that the temperature does not rise too high and affect the final result of your dishes, we recommend that you do not completely close the oven, that is, leave a gap for the air to circulate, as this will keep the temperature level. The dehydration time will vary depending on the thickness of the food, but between seven and eight hours will be ready. 

5.- In case you want to get creative and make desserts like cookies, remember that the ideal temperature to bake them should be 130 degrees Celsius and even so, we recommend taking into account that every oven has variable power. Also, it can be affected by the thickness of the flour, but within 30 to 35 minutes they will be ready. 

6.- To prepare stews, your oven should be at 150 degrees Celsius. For example: a lasagna, which is made up of pasta, cheeses and cream, will be ready in 30 minutes. In the case of making pork loin, you should leave it in the oven for approximately 25 minutes so that in this way the meat absorbs the flavors of the ingredients with which you cook it; while a stuffed chicken should be cooking for 30 minutes. Remember that these times may vary depending on the power of each oven.

7.-For desserts, pancakes, cakes, cupcakes, etc, your oven must be at a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, this regardless of whether it is chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc. The refractory with the flour should be in the oven for approximately 40 minutes, once it is cooked and slightly browned, you can remove it and before removing it, let it cool for 15 minutes to unmold successfully. Once it’s at room temperature, you can decorate it. 

8.-If you are going to cook meat or fish in the oven, it should be at 200 degrees centigrade. In case your meat has bone, it should be down. If it is a cut with a lot of fat, that part should be on the top, so that it can drain and give the cut better flavor. The meat and fish will seal (brown on the outside and keep their juice) for 5 to 10 minutes. Once this time is up, lower the temperature to 180 degrees and leave it for another 10 minutes so it does not lose its flavor. 

9.- When you cook with children, we recommend that you choose a recipe such as pizza, since it is fun, but at the same time it will help the children know the difficulty of kneading, creating the sauce and placing the ingredients (cheese, pepperoni, ham, pineapple, etc). Before putting it in the oven, it must be preheated to 250 degrees, then you will have to lower the temperature to 220 degrees and introduce the pizza, which will be ready between 5 and 10 minutes. 

10.- The golden key for many dishes to achieve perfect cooking is: never open the oven while something is cooking or at least not during the first 20 minutes. And it is that remember that the temperature inside is transformed and the blows of air will damage your dishes; meat bleeds out, cupcakes flatten out, etc. This maneuver (opening the door) is only valid when you are grilling some food.