How Should I Dress For A Rave?

Purchasing your first rave ticket can be quite exciting and your calendar would already be marked with the RAVE DAY. However, figuring out what to wear on the big day can be quite a task.

You need to remember that rave outfits are all about expressing yourself. When it comes to your style, the possibilities never end. While every rave is different, you need to figure out your style and stick with it. Irrespective of whether you are a rave veteran or a newbie, here are some tips you should never forget.

Creating KANDI

The one term you need to make yourself familiar with is Kandi. Kandi is nothing but beads that you can put together to accessorize yourself. You can mix and match with your buddies or loved ones and get in the rave mood. Creating bold accessories with Kandi is a great way to connect with fellow ravers.


Even if you are not comfortable or you have broad feet, you must wear closed-toe shoes to a rave. There is a strong chance that you will be stamped upon several times during a rave and closed-toe shoes will always keep your toes and feet safe.


While you may want to look extremely fashionable, you also should keep comfort in mind. Dressing for rave is all about style and functionality. If you are going to be dancing for 10 hours straight, you need to feel comfortable in your clothes. Opt for breathable materials. There is no reason you cannot wear fashionable yet comfortable clothes.


One of the most important accessories that you should carry to a rave is a backpack. You must stay hands-free during a rave and this is what a backpack or a fanny pack will allow you to do. There are various stylish backpack options for you to choose from. Make sure you match it with your outfit and you can set the dance floor on fire.

Ear Plugs

While we all know that a rave is all about the music, you need to also protect your hearing. You should equip yourself with high definition earplugs that will ensure the sound quality is not affected and your hearing is not damaged. It can get very loud at a rave and these earplugs will be your saving grace.

These are just a few tips that will help you live it up at a rave. Make sure you are comfortable and pick a style for your rave outfits that match your personality.


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