How Musicians Cope with the Stress of Touring

As a musician, going on tour is one of your big goals. It’s something that you might have spent your life looking forward to or preparing for. Going on tour is your chance to really show everyone what you’ve got, to build a fan base, and to play live music, night after night, which is what most of us love doing.

But, as exciting as touring is, it can also be much harder and more stressful than you might think. Touring is great fun, yes, but it’s also exhausting, and many new musicians are surprised by how stressful they find the experience. Here’s a look at some of the ways more experienced musicians cope with the stress of touring.


Exercise is crucial when you are on tour. Regular exercise improves your cardiovascular health, making it easier to cope with the physical pressures of touring. It also helps you stay fit and healthy and gives you a great way to burn off some stress and release any tension you might carry in your body.

At some points in your tour, you might feel too exhausted to pound the pavements, so instead, try yoga or going for a gentle swim.

Keep in Touch with Home

One of the hardest parts of touring is being away from home for an extended period. Their first tour is the first extended period away from friends and family members for many young musicians. Staying in touch as much as possible will help ease the transition and keep you grounded in reality.

Find Ways to Unwind

Many musicians come off the stage feeling like a wound spring. There’s quite the comedown after all of the excitement, and it can be hard to sleep, or even to relax. When you are playing most nights for weeks, this can lead to extreme stress and even illness.

Find fast ways to unwind. You might want to sit quietly and meditate or read. Facetiming your family, can help bring you down to earth and even sitting and playing on bitcoin gambling sites or other online games can be a great way to wind down.

Some people find that to unwind, they need to do something more physical, like going for a quick run or dancing. Try to find something that helps you to unwind that you can do wherever you are.

Take Regular Breaks

Touring is hard work. When you aren’t playing to an audience, you are rehearsing and training. There aren’t many days off. So, take breaks when you can. Spend time away from music, resting, relaxing, and spending time practicing other hobbies.

Surround Yourself with Experts

You might be new to touring, but the people that you work with aren’t. Get advice and help where you can. Even your bus driver will have plenty to share, having been on the road with many other musicians. Listen to stories, pick up tips, and learn from other people’s mistakes to avoid extra stress.

Touring can be stressful, but it’s also a truly wonderful experience. Don’t let the stress ruin it for you. Instead, find ways to beat it.



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