How Do Box Mod Vapes Work?

Generally speaking, box mod vapes are undoubtedly the most popular types of portable vapes on the market today. This is in direct comparison to other portable vapes such as dry herb and wax vapes.

The reasons are many, though the main aspect of attraction seems to be the sheer amount of vapor produced by these devices. Box mods are known for creating those enormous clouds with just the push of a button. Another key feature of most high-quality box mods are the advancements in technology.

You will be hard-pressed to find a modern box mod vape that cannot provide you with the latest in vaping technology. Unlike other portable vapes on the market that either utilizes combustion or convection, box mods use atomizers that can be switched out and adjusted by wattage. Here we will be taking a general view of how box mods actually work.

Box Mods vs Other Vapes

The first thing to know about box mods is that they are both one of the easier to use, yet can be some of the most complex. Because e-juice and oil concentrates are fairly straightforward consumable products, streamlining their use can be accomplished quite easily through a box mod vape.

The vape itself can be rather resourceful through its modulation in wattage, battery meter, individual components, and capacity to inform the user of their vape session details. Most of these can be achieved through other types of vapes, though none can compare to the volume of vapor that a box mod can produce.

Dry herb vapes by comparison cannot ever hope to match the gargantuan clouds that are emitted through a box mod. The inherent nature of a dry herb vape is to produce a light and wispy vapor. The higher the temperature in a dry herb vape, the thicker the vapor.

Wax is just as comparable in this regard. Other vapes, such as combustion vapes, produce smoke instead of vapor, though can be converted slightly to convert into a convection vape. However, this method will not yield the types of vape clouds that box mods are known for.

Using a Box Mod Vape

Depending on the brand and model of your box mod, approaching the vape to initiate a session can be quite easy once you know what you want. Getting to know your individual box mod is essential in order to tailor your experience to your liking. It is always recommended to start out at the lowest wattage and work your way up, especially if it is your first vape, or your first time.

Another added benefit to the box mod is appealing to those who are used to the heavy feeling that smoke can produce, making this an ideal alternative to transition into. The box mod itself is relatively simple: First begin by ensuring that your unit is fully charged and ready to go. You will want to make sure you have the appropriate atomizer that fits into your box mod. You will usually find the 510 threading to be the most common.

Unless you have already dialed in your ideal wattage setting, start out at the lowest and connect your atomizer to the unit. Make sure that the tank itself is filled up with the amount of oil you intend to use. Once you have the basics out of the way, you can begin by pushing the power button (depending on the model). Simply inhale and watch as you breath out the biggest clouds of vapor. It really is that simple!

The Mechanism Behind the Box Mod

Box mod batteries are significantly bigger and more powerful than other vapes, comparable to those of dry herb vapes which take up a lot of power due to their precision temperature controls. Hence you will see most box mods being able to take up the entire palm of your hand.

Other models, like the Steamcloud Box Mod, are actually very small in size that can fit discreetly in your hand. These are perfect for stealth use and are also very efficient despite their small stature. Some box mods out there are also known to accommodate all the major vaping modalities and are properly known as 3 in 1 vapes.

Box mods work by utilizing a battery inside of the unit to heat up a coil. The coil itself is located inside of the atomizer and attaches to the box mod. Depending on the make and model, the inner coil heats up the surrounding liquid creating the thick vapor clouds we all know and love.

The type of box mod you have will determine the means by which you conduct your vape sessions. If you have a small and discreet box mod that is inconspicuous, using it on the go would then be perfect. Bigger box mods would be used at the discretion of the consumer, though being portable themselves are also made for on the go use.

Maintaining a Box Mod Vape

One of the finer aspects about owning a box mod vape is the infrequency of having to keep up with its maintenance. Unlike a traditional bong or pipe, using a box mod only requires that you consistently maintain the mouthpiece and replace the coils/atomizers when necessary.

Pipes by comparison need to be cleaned almost immediately to prevent residual buildup and filth. It goes without saying that nowadays it is especially important to maintain the integrity of your vape, and your health, by keeping the mouthpiece clean and free of any types of buildup. Simply wiping it down with some mild disinfectant after every use would be ideal.

Having a small supply of replacement coils and atomizers would be wise considering how these will also eventually need to be replaced. Perhaps the most overlooked part of owning a box mod is overestimating the battery capacity despite being powerful.

Always make sure you keep your unit fully charged before going out to prevent your unit from inadvertently dying on you. In fact, it would be a good idea to even carry a portable charger just in case.