Everything You Need to Know to Start a Lawn Care Business

Lawn care is one of those businesses that many of us start when we are just teenagers. We go around our neighborhood and mow lawns for some cash, but the fact is that lawn care and gardening are very great businesses to get involved in. If you are looking to take that teenager odd job into a full-time business, then you will need to follow these steps: 

Create a Business Plan 

The actual business of lawn care is relatively straightforward, so your business plan will need to focus on how you can set yourself apart as a company. There is a lot of competition, and securing yourself as the go-to option means sticking to both quality and a unique selling point. If you want to operate in an area of large mansions, for example, having a sharp uniform, background checks on all your employees and a commitment to quality and service can help you become the go-to choice in the neighborhood. 

Secure the Tools and Equipment You Will Need 

The tools you will need can vary from having to get hoses at Gilmour, to a standard lawnmower, all the way to a large, drivable model for estates or golf courses. It depends on your unique selling point and credit. If you are just starting out, then you can save by looking for second-hand items or even renting items until you get enough regular work to buy your own equipment. 

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Register as a Business

When you register as a business, you will need to do three things. The first is to register as an LLC company with the IRS. You will pay a small fee and have to start paying tax, but the process is overall very simple. 

The next step is to register for taxes. From there, you will need to earn the necessary permits and licenses you will need to operate legally in your area. What you will need will depend on where you are located, so ask around and work to apply for any permits you might need to operate in the area. 

Get Lawn Care Insurance 

Maintaining a lawn and a person’s landscaping seems like a very straightforward job. You aren’t building anything; there is minimal risk of danger or issues, right? Don’t fall into this trap. A stray rock that gets caught up in your lawnmower can blow into a window and break it. Someone can trip or hurt themselves with your tools. You might cut down a branch you shouldn’t have. All of this and more is covered by lawn care business insurance. You want to be as protected against theft and damage as you are against general liability or slander cases. 

Get Online Everywhere 

You have the idea, the tools, the insurance, and are an operating business. You can technically start now and should get in touch with families you know to see if they are interested in your services. While you exhaust your own network, however, you will also want to set up a business website and to put your listing on all the available sites as possible. Google My Business, yellow pages, and other similar business directories can make it easy for customers to come to you so that you can then show off your exceptional business.