An Overview of How Gaming Influences Modern Culture and Society

What is the actual impact of games on society? If you pursue this question, you will find many confusing and contradictory answers. 

Many gaming researchers have pointed the finger of blame to video games, claiming that they are the cause of crimes and violence in society. But gamers have a different story to tell. They claim that gaming has a positive impact on their lives. 

Guest author Kevin Cochran has researched the subject and shares his findings below. To know more about Kevin, visit his page.

Qutee, an online portal that allows you to initiate conversations and collect polls, NPS, and comments from CRM channels, influence audiences, and social networks, conducted a survey a couple of years back to understand how video games have changed society. 

The company interacted with 835 gamers from different parts of the world, 95% of them aged between 18 and 34. These gamers cast a total of 4,500 poll votes and gave their opinions on issues such as friends, stress, community, enjoyment, behaviour and so on. 

Survey Results 

  • More than 40% of the gamers said that video games improved their emotional well-being. 
  • 93% of them said that they do not think video games cause antisocial behaviour, crimes, and violence. 
  • Two-thirds of them said that they made more friends while playing games. 

Also, a paper published in the American Psychologist says that video games, including the violent ones, boost social skills, health, and learning among young people. At the same time, the researchers warned that the impact of games on society is not always positive. 

The research article’s lead author Isabela Granic of Radboud University Nijmegen said that we cannot ignore the negative impacts of playing video games such as aggression, depression, and addiction. 

Video games just don’t have the same impact on everybody, but most of the time, they do more good than harm. You just need to know how to make the most of them. 

For example, Canadian players like to play free online craps in their spare time and have a great time without going overboard. This is because most Canadian players know how to find that balance between enjoying their pastime and not letting it become an addiction. 

Playing Video Games – Impact on Culture 

Gaming is now an integral part of our global culture. Video games have found their way into every aspect of living. 

Have a look at video games cultural impact below: 

  • Video games started by borrowing from forms of media such as music, movies, books, and others. But today, they are a form of media in their own right. Developers of online casino games, manufacturers of children’s toys, and others are borrowing from video games. 
  • Schools and colleges are increasingly using video games as teaching tools. 
  • People may not consider video games to be works of art, but nobody can deny that they influence works of art such as movies and music. 
  • Video games have attracted the attention of magazines, research journals, and newspapers. 
  • Recently, machinima is fast gaining popularity. Machinima refers to animated videos, movies, and series made by recording the activities of video game characters. 
  • Many musicians make money by composing music for popular video games. 
  • Video games have influenced popular movies such as Mortal Kombat, Prince of Persia, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. 
  • Video games have large communities of fans who interact with one another and create and maintain strong gaming relationships.

Gaming vs. Gambling – Impact of Gambling 

Is there any difference between gaming and gambling? Many say that the two are totally different. 

The former is based on skills and strategies while the latter is based on chance alone although you will find a few online casino games such as blackjack that combine the elements of skill and luck. 

Gaming offers an interactive experience as gamers play video games with others, sometimes for money and sometimes for fun. When you are gambling, you are playing against the house for money most of the time.  

Simultaneously, it cannot be denied that online gambling games have borrowed a lot from video games. You will find elements of video games such as unlocking levels, achieving goals, hitting milestones, earning rewards, and so on in several online slots. 

And what is the impact of gambling on society? Gambling is just a source of fun and entertainment for most gamblers. However, some gamblers lose control over their betting activities and become problem gamblers or gambling addicts. You won’t experience any harm from gambling as long as you play responsibly and stick to your budget. 


It is clear that gaming influences modern culture and society. The big debate is whether this influence is positive or negative. The Pareto principle can be used to make a final decision here as gaming has a positive influence on the majority and a negative influence on a minority.