What is the Best 22-Inch TV?

You have come here because you are looking to buy a good TV. Regardless of whether it is for you, or if it is a gift for someone else, I want to help you make this decision, that is why today I offer you this guide with the best TVs of this size. Learn about the best 22-inch TVs on the market and choose yours best 22-inch tv today:

E-Star D4T2- LED Full HD Digital TV

Although designed to occupy its place in caravans and motor homes, the E-Star D4T2 is a very complete television that can also occupy a space within a home or office perfectly.

This TV has LED technology that gives you excellent images with low energy consumption, which makes it a great option to save on your electricity bills.

In addition, being full HD gives you a sharp image, quality contrast, bright colors and well-defined lines so that each image is a pleasure to watch.


  • 12V adapter: perfect to take on a trip anywhere.
  • Resolution: 1920 × 1080 pixels large FULL HD image for sharp images.
  • Recorder function: allows you to record audio and video files with a USB memory.
  • Digital: DTT signal with built-in digital tuner suitable for all EU countries.
  • Compatibility: connectivity that allows it to be used with the most diverse range of equipment such as a computer, video game consoles, sound equipment and more.
  • EPG function: electronic program guide and tele text functions to know the programming.

DYON Live 22 Pro – LED Full HD TV

Thanks to its LED technology, this equipment allows you to obtain greater sharpness in the image, and a greater brightness of the color. In addition, it has a full HD image resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels, with which you get a high-quality TV image.

This is ideal for its triple tuner, so you can see the programming of cable TV signals, digital television, and satellite television perfectly.

The Dyon TV also allows you to have lower bills, as its A ++ -E energy classification guarantees low and very efficient electricity consumption and you can get it in one click on theyoury.com.


  • USB connection: allows you to play and record to external storage with USB input.
  • Internet: possibility of connecting to the internet via Ethernet cable.
  • Connectors: compatible with VGA, HDMI, Euro connector and Bluetooth connectors.
  • Double speaker: offers stereo sound thanks to two 3W speakers.
  • Easy configuration: its interface is intuitive and easy to understand.

LG Electronics 22TK410V-PZ – 22 ″ LED Monitor / TV

This equipment was thought to be a utility monitor that also serves to watch TV. However, it does not disappoint when used as a TV.

It has a wide viewing angle screen that allows you to see the same image quality no matter where you are looking from. This is due both to the design of the screen, as well as its excellent HD Ready resolution.

This equipment is also ideal for gamers, since its image is optimized for video games: it has a black stabilizer that allows you to see more clearly when you are playing, and the DAS mode that increases the speed in games in real time.


  • Cinema Mode: It has a Cinema Mode function that creates brighter colors, sharper, brighter images and deeper blacks to bring every scene to life.
  • Double speakers: incorporates two 5W speakers each for a clearer and more powerful sound, as well as stereo.
  • Flicker safe: reduces flickers, helping you not to get tired of your eyes.
  • Removable base: you can use this device, both in monitor mode and in TV mode, directly on the wall.
  • EPG function: the electronic guide allows you to have easy access to information about the programming.
  • Easy USB: USB plug & play connection without menus.

Engel LE2480SM – 24 Smart TV

This TV offers you a good basic 24-inch Smart TV at a very convenient price. You can watch applications like YouTube, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter and much more, so it is very convenient to entertain the whole family.

On the other hand, you don’t have to worry about receiving the TV signal since it has a triple tuner so you can connect to digital, satellite and cable TV signals at the same time.

Its remote control is optimized with shortcut buttons to various functions including Netflix, so you can access this application quickly and easily. It is a very good option for your first Smart TV.


  • MiraShare function: allows you to send data from your mobile to your TV in a simple and fast way.
  • PVR function: watch your favorite programming as many times as you want with the storage function on USB flash devices or removable hard disk.
  • TimeShift function: allows you to go back to previous scenes while you are recording without disturbing the recording.
  • Dolby Audio: Dolby Digital Plus Audio setting for surround sound.
  • Good connectivity: allows compatibility with all types of accessories and entertainment devices such as video game consoles, external speakers, headphones, computer, Smartphone and much more.


This TV has good opinions from buyers for being a product of interesting features with a fairly low price compared to others. This television stands out for its beautiful appearance and its design that, although simple, is modern and clean.

Its Full HD image format stands out, offering you a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels for a much higher quality image. In addition, with more than 16 million colors, it allows you to obtain sharp images with bright colors, as well as much more intense dark tones.

Another function that stands out is OCA, which stands for Automatic Channel Organizer and serves to make your life easier by intuitively obtaining your geographical location and later automatically organizing the location of the channels.

Its triple tuner is another point in favor that has a connection for parabolic or satellite antenna, cable TV and digital television, so you do not miss anything.


  • DTT: access to digital terrestrial television in HD quality.
  • USB input: you can play and also record different formats on a USB flash device or removable hard drive.
  • Good connectivity: use the HDMI, VGA and Common Interface ports to expand the use of your device.
  • OCA function: organize your channels automatically.
  • Lightweight: light weight and easy to install.