Sports and country music…a match made in musical heaven

Country stars, they’re just like us! They love their music and they love their sports. A few maybe even love to bet on their favorite sports. You can bet on football here.

But some country stars are not only fans of sports, but have been on the other side and played their favorite game in their younger days.

Here are a few of our favorites!

Garth Brooks:  Garth Brooks is a huge sports fan. He played baseball in high school and earned a track and field scholarship to Oklahoma State University. In 1998, Brooks did batting practice with the Seattle Mariners and in 1999, he was signed by the San Diego Padres to a minor league contract. He was mostly used as a pinch hitter and left fielder. In 2019, at the age of 57, he returned to spring training for a week, this time with the Pittsburgh Pirates, although he wasn’t planning to actually play but instead was celebrating the 20th anniversary of the “Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation” which has raised over $100 million for children’s charities.

Toby Keith: Toby Keith shows his patriotism for America in on of his biggest hits, “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue.” To add to it, he also played the good ole American sport of football – he even played for the United States Football League. Keith started off doing both music and football, juggling the two career options. He opted to play semi-pro for a couple years, but then switched to country music full time to express his roots!

Kenny Chesney: Kenny Chesney isn’t just a fan of football, but also sings songs about it and sells out football stadiums around the country. Chesney played football in high school and practiced with the New Orleans Saints as a one-day free agent.

Sam Hunt: The Georgia native is a definite football fan and played his way through high school. The singer was even nominated for a Heisman trophy before moving on to play in college. He played quarterback for Middle Tennessee and the University of Alabama at Birmingham before trying out for the NFL. Unfortunately, he didn’t make the cut for the Kansas City Chiefs, but I think we can all say it worked out okay.

Eric Church: Eric played many sports in high school, including football, golf, basketball and baseball, but a knee injury sidelined him for good.

Tim McGraw: As the son of former MLB player Tug McGraw, Tim McGraw was destined to play baseball. He played both football and baseball in school and has acted in sports movies including Friday Night Lights and The Blindside.

Trace Adkins: Trace Adkins is the big man of country music, and we’re not talking about his music. At well over 6 foot, the towering Trace was a shoe-in for football. He played through high school and then kept right on playing through college as a career as an offensive lineman at Louisiana Tech. After a knee injury, Trace switched to music and the rest is history.

Jake Owen:  Not all country boys found success in football and baseball. Jake Owen found his sports fix in golf. His plan was to play golf at Florida State University and eventually play professional golf. Unfortunately, a shoulder injury put the kibosh on that dream, but he still plays in tournaments and is pretty damn good.

This list is definitely not complete and country music and sports is a match made in heaven. So who is your favorite country star who played sports in a previous, less famous life?