Richard Lynch Looks Forward To 2021..New Album, New Tour…And Keepin’ It Country

Richard Lynch has compiled a long list of country hits and chart toppers in the world of traditional country music. He has recorded duets with legends like Leona Williams and Ronnie McDowell, and Grammy Winner, Rhonda Vincent.  Lynch has appeared on WSM Radio Nashville, RFD TV, Fox TV, and countless other media outlets. Richard is a member of the Ohio Country Music Hall of Fame, The Independent Country Music Hall of Fame, and he is a Billboard Magazine Emerging Artist. He is also the host of “Traditionally Lynch,” airing on TV and radio. In Richard’s spare time, he is a farmer on his Keepin’ It Country Farm in Ohio, and the co-founder of Love Tattoo Foundation for veterans.

Lynch recently hit #1 on the Christian Radio Charts with his single, “He’ll Make Everything Alright,” and he’s also just released a tribute to his friend, the late, great, Doug Supernaw.

Hi Richard!  Thank you for taking the time to speak with us today. What has 2020 been like for you?

It has been really rough, having more than 40 gigs canceled, not being able to play our music.  But I have gotten to write more songs and get in the recording studio.  So we will be putting out another album in January of which all of the songs I wrote or co-wrote.

Your latest single and video “He’ll Make Everything Alright” is a very poignant and appropriate song for the times.  How did that song come to you?

I was watching, hearing the constant negative news about what has been going on in our country and around the world.  I felt something needed to be said
positive and we need to realize the good Lord is in charge and only he can make it right.

You’ve recorded some incredible duets over the years. Which one was your favorite, and why?

I have been so fortunate to get in the studio with some of my heroes.  Being in the studio with Rhonda Vincent made me feel like I needed to step up my game with her being a current Grammy award-winning artist, yet she was so down to earth and great to work with.  I love all my duet partners and performances, duets are a lot of fun to put together.

Any plans for upcoming duets?

Yes, we just went into the studio and recorded a new duet song I wrote with an amazing young lady from our area, Katelyne Adams.  She is a powerhouse singer, reminding me of the sound of Connie Smith.  The song turned out fantastic and will be on the new album.

Give us a behind the scenes look at the construction of a Richard Lynch recording…from writing to recording to releasing…

A song idea comes to me or is shared to me by someone and I get a melody in my head to put those words to.  I do a scratch vocal with my flattop guitar.  We send that recording to my studio, Beaird Music Group and Larry Beaird charts it, we get in the studio with world class musicians who have the track down in about half an hour.   I put my vocals to it the following day, add background harmonies and they professionally master the piece and amazingly we have a great traditional country song I am proud of.  My wife will get the album artwork and the production of the CDs together and our manager will get the album available on the streaming music sites and websites for purchase.

You own and operate Keepin It Country Farm in Ohio.  Tell us about it.  What’s it like?  What do you do there?  What’s your favorite show you’ve hosted there?

Our farm is a working farm where we raise hay for sell.  We built an event barn on the property in 2015 in a very beautiful setting where we host concerts with some of my traditional country music artist friends and heroes with my band that I have performed with for several years.  We have the shows recorded so we can make them into TV segments.  We have a large group of friends and fans who come to all the events and it is a very nice event everyone enjoys.   The latest show we had with Penny Gilley was awesome, because Penny is a great entertainer who truly appreciated being at our venue and performing here, that makes for a very satisfying show.

What’s next for you, in 2021?

We are ready to put out the next album with 12 more songs I have wrote or co-wrote.  And looking forward to getting back on the road and perform with my band for all the great fans out there.

Any last words to share with your fans and our readers?

I appreciate everyone following and sharing my music,  looking forward to seeing everyone real soon.  Thank you.


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