How to use Instagram bot safely and effectively

If you’re a busy Instagram influencer or social media marketer, perhaps you desire to get something that can make your life a lot easier. You may likely have heard about Instagram automation that can assist you to perform likes, comments, follows, and many others. 

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to automate Instagram marketing activities because you need to avoid wasting your time on non-effective Instagram promotion strategies. Thankfully, you can use Instagram bots to automate your activities. This article discusses how to use Instagram bot safely and effectively.

What you need to know about Instagram automation 

Simply put, Instagram automation is when you use third-party tools or software to manage an Instagram account. This automation ensures that the tool can carry out tasks and interact with other Instagram users without involving you.

These tools can work in either two ways which are by taking control of the follower-facing interactions or taking control of reporting, publishing, and analytics. Remember that most of the front-end automation software is known as Instagram bots. Check at for Instagram bots.

These bots can comment on other users’ posts or even like them. These tools can become spammy quite quickly, so you need to make sure that you don’t go against the rules of Instagram. On the other hand, you can use back-end automation tools to find the correct hashtags, automate posts, and many others. 

The tasks you can automate on Instagram

You can automate several tasks on Instagram, though you should always try to automate the activities that meet your needs. Below are some tasks worthy to be automated:


If you automate rightly, likes can be the easiest task to automate. So when you automate likes on Instagram, you can get your account more followers. However, this task is considered as a low-effort interaction, meaning you may get low traffic to your account.


Automating can be useful if you don’t mind receiving various comments from people you don’t know. In case you want to block some of the comments, you can always block auto-comments. 

Find followers

Perhaps, finding followers is another proactive use you can have for Instagram automation. You can find some automation software that provides an analysis of accounts and hashtags to assist you to find Instagram accounts that match your target followers. 

You can do this without any need of going through the data yourself. As a result, this can save you a lot of time and effort, enabling you to focus on doing other important things.

Follows or unfollows

When you automate follows, it means you can follow many people, making it likely for you to get more followers. You need to be careful when doing this because if you follow many people but you can manage to get only a few people following you, your Instagram account can appear spammy. 

Direct messages

Automated messages can sometimes look spammy, so you need to devise the right strategy to avoid this. The best way is to make sure that the messages you send should be personalized.