How has mobile gameplay affected the slots industry

For better or worse, online slots have been popular across the world since their inception. Before that, it was the slot machine, and there was nothing better than heading down to your local pub and having a couple of games. However, things have changed. 

For one thing, slots are now played mostly via online casinos. This has enabled accessibility to the game like nothing else. Slots have been optimised for mobile gameplay and now we can play them at any time, no matter where we are – read more here.

Mobile gameplay has improved slots 

As the wave of digitisation has managed to hit everything and every industry, it was only the natural progression that the slot machine was going to be next. With the rise of online slots, they all had to be optimised for mobile gameplay sooner or later so that people could play as much as they could. 

This assisted in the boom of the industry and continues to grow revenue. For example, slots played via mobile in Australia alone is responsible for 34 per cent of the overall revenue of the casino industry. Why Australia? Nobody knows, but in all countries where the laws and regulations around gambling are a bit looser, shares are up. 

The fact that online slots can be played via mobile has really helped in the overall boom in business of the slots industry. Mobile gameplay also meant that slots had to be optimised further in terms of graphics too, so this helped nudge software developments along too, improving the slots industry even more. 

Mobile gameplay makes playing slots convenient 

The access that players now have to slots has lead to unprecedented levels of accessibility, unseen in the online casino world before. The fact that anybody, literally anybody, can play slots wherever they are at any time means there are no limits to gameplay like there was in the past. 

This kind of accessibility is one of the main reasons that the popularity of online slots has risen so fast in the first place. The fact that players don’t need to exert any real effort to play slots has made it so convenient to play that it’s almost rude not to. Mobile gameplay has also helped the slots industry when it comes to the advertisement of slots. 

Most of us use social media and access social media via our mobiles. When playing with slots and other games along with any kind of online casino, we have the option of publishing our scores on our pages. Most people do this too, especially the more competitive kinds of players in the online casino world. 

Mobile gameplay has affected the slots industry by making slots convenient, which has lead to a rapid growth in revenue. It has also made playing slots more accessible to different kinds of people so more people can play too. You could say that without mobile gameplay, slots as we know them just wouldn’t be the same.