Bingo around the World

Bingo is one of the classic games in the gambling industry. As with most classics, they are adopted all over the world and can also differ from region to region. In this article you will get a breakdown of how Barbados Bingo is played in different countries. This might be just what you need to finally book that trip you’ve been putting off.


It is only fitting to start off this list with the country where bingo was invented. While we all know some of Italy’s most characteristic innovations (such as pasta and pizza), you might not know that the earliest form of bingo originated from Italy nearly 500 years ago. It was called Il Gioco del Lotto.

To this day bingo remains popular in Italy, with the 90 ball variant being the most popular. The country boasts over 300 bingo halls and more and more young people are starting to show interest


Initially, bingo halls were banned in Brazil. However, in 1993 it was finally legalized. Over the span of 10 years over 1000 bingo halls were opened across the country. Don’t get too excited; in the year 2004, the president banned all types of bingo, as well as slot machines.

Despite the strict gambling laws the government is not explicitly preventing residents from playing online bingo. This means that players can still play at sites that accept Brazilian players.

United States

While Bingo might have originated in Italy, the USA is arguably the country that has taken to bingo the most. You’ll also find that in the USA the most popular variety of bingo is 75 ball bingo. Nonetheless, the US has strict gambling laws, which means that there is not such a wide variety of bingo halls to frequent. However, since most states have their own laws regarding gambling, there are some states that do allow commercial bingo. This includes Nevada as well as some Native American reservations.


Japan is another country that has quite strict laws when it comes to gambling. Up until now most forms of gambling was forbidden. In the last year a law that permits casino resorts was passed. Regardless, laws regarding bingo are just as strict as it has always been, with land-based bingo being non-existent. Despite the strict laws the Japanese love playing online bingo. The variety that is most popular in Japan is 75 ball.


While in most countries players only have two bingo options (online bingo or land-based bingo) Russia offers another option, which is TV bingo. This in itself indicates how popular bingo is in Russia.

Russian Lotto is a TV show that has been airing since 1994 and awards prizes for a line, full house and even a special jackpot for a full house in the first 15 numbers drawn. The most popular bingo variant in the country is 90 ball bingo.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, bingo is a simple and easy to understand game that it is extremely flexible and adaptable. As you can see from the above, nearly every aspect of the game lends itself to be altered, including the number of balls. Other aspects that could also differ from region to region are the venue and the bingo lingo.