Best slot game bonus games and rounds

The first slot machines the world ever saw didn’t really have any slot bonus rounds or extra games, and we’re not sure the likes of Charles D. Fey even envisioned that this was possible back in the late 1800s. Forward-wind to the 21st century, however, and pretty much all online slots worth playing have some kind of bonus feature attached to them – it has become the norm – learn more

And why would it not be? Now we have the technology to include various extra games and rounds in online slots it makes perfect sense to take advantage of it. In fact, the emergence of bigger and better bonus features in the online slot sphere has had a direct impact on the amount of gamblers tempted into spinning the reels online these days. Read ahead for our pick of some of the best bonus rounds available in the world of 2020 slots and beyond. 


Centurion by Inspired Gaming turned a lot of heads on its release, and very quickly became one of our favourite online slots on the market. This Ancient Rome inspired slot has a ridiculously good level of graphics, but the really amazing thing here is its extensive level of various bonus features. 

Contrary to what is on offer in the vast majority of other online slots Centurion actually has four distinct no deposit casino bonus code rounds that can be accessed after the gambler encounters at least three bonus icons on the reels.Here they are: 

  • Prizes on Parade: This bonus feature sees you face to face with a typical Roman legion, with the soldiers’ shields lighting up with an assortment of multipliers, free spins and cash prizes. You stop these from flashing manually and collect the prize that is shown. 
  • Road to Rome: This bonus round plays out much like a board game, with a dice being rolled that will give you the chance of reaching Rome and securing a huge bonus payment. 
  • Wild Power Spins: This is a more traditional bonus feature that sees a load of sticky wilds fill up the reels. 
  • Caesar’s Free Spins: A classic wheel spin kind of bonus feature that can result in free spins or multipliers. 

Immortal Romance 

Do you ever find online slots to get a bit boring after a few hours of play due to the lack of any real narrative progression? Well, if so Immortal Romance is the online slot game for you, as it actually has a real storyline that slot gamblers can follow. The action revolves around a vampiric love triangle that reminds us of the Twilight films, however it is the bonus games that hold the most excitement. 

Each bonus game introduces you to a new character within Immortal Romance, through which you also move along the narrative of this online slot. There are four in total, and each one gives some pretty lovely rewards such as free spins, multipliers or cash. You won’t find another slot game like it!