5 Reasons Why Women Can’t Get Out of Toxic Relationships, According to Psychics

We often hear about women being in toxic and abusive relationships and wonder why they don’t get out of them. To find out, we decided to speak to psychics as we felt that the subject needed insights into the human mind that are not perceivable by mortal beings. Psychics can connect with the energies of the universe and speak to spirit guides.

So we felt that we needed a consultation with the higher powers to understand why women cannot get out of toxic or abusive relationships. Although there are several online options to choose from, we chose to speak to some of the psychics from Kasamba. We came across the website on Mysticmag.com and felt intrigued by what they wrote about Kasamba psychics. Here is what we learned.

Women Feel Afraid to Let Go

According to Psychics, women are hardwired to want to find happiness and fulfill their dreams. But they are also hardwired to look for that in the wrong places based on their early experiences.

Psychics also told us that even though women might perceive themselves as brave, they often suffer from a subconscious fear that acts against them. The inbuilt fear mechanism is a part of survival instincts that works in almost every aspect of their lives. Psychics told us that the women realize they need to get out of the toxic relationship, but they are just too afraid to let go.

Sometimes women also feel physical insecurity because they might not have a place to go. Or she might feel scared that he will hurt her children or loved ones if she tries to get out of the relationship. These fears are based on real concerns since the man knows how to intensify these fears. According to psychics, most women need to find a sense of security that can help them to get out of abusive relationships.

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They Keep Giving Themselves Excuses

Psychics told us that women always feel the need to make excuses for the men they love. They have seen their mothers do that since childhood for their fathers and sons to others. That is why even if they feel unhappy in the relationship, they keep giving excuses to themselves.

Sometimes they hope that the man will understand all the love she shows him and start to appreciate it. At times they tell themselves that he loves them just as much but doesn’t know how to show that. Psychics say that such women can only get out of the relationship when they get a drastic wake-up call that breaks their misconception and shows them the real picture.

Women End up Doubting Themselves

According to psychics, being in a toxic relationship fills a woman with self-doubt and lowers her confidence. She always questions the choices that she makes in life and feels that trying to get out would be a wrong decision. They might have seen a clear path ahead of them before they got into the relationship, but they have lost sight of it.

The women lack confidence because these men have psychologically broken them by questioning every decision or choice that they make in life. Psychics told us that if they can get out of the toxic relationship, they will be able to see the path they lost once again. Relationship psychics often help such women regain their confidence and see their life once they get out of the toxic relationship.

They Fear Being Judged by Others

Unlike men, women always need the acceptance of the people around them. Psychics told us that women in toxic relationships can’t get out because they are afraid of being judged by their friends, family members, and society in general. This psychology is also partially imbibed because their partners always criticize their actions.

Psychics help such women by making them realize that people who love her will accept her no matter what. Her near and dear ones are already aware of the circumstances she is dealing with and would feel glad that she got out of the abusive relationship.

Their Partner Creates a Scene Every Time

Psychics told us that men who abuse their women also throw a lot of tantrums when she tries to leave him. That is because the men need them in their lives for selfish reasons and do not want to let them go. The women, on the other hand, mistake the drama for love and feel the need to stay with them.

Psychics told us that the best way for women to judge the drama is to declare a condition to stay. Such men will never agree to these conditions because they don’t want things to change. It can help the women make up their minds to leave the toxic relationship behind.