5 of the Best Guns N’ Roses Songs

Photo via gunsnroses.com/media

Guns N’ Roses formed in 1985 and quickly left their mark on the world of rock and roll. Their first album has sold over 30 million copies worldwide since its release. Get ready to rock as we examine 5 of the best Guns and Roses songs.

Welcome to the Jungle

Released in 1987, this intense song made a great show opener for Guns N’ Roses for years. Axl Rose’s extreme voice is the perfect invitation to “the jungle” of Los Angeles.

This song has been popular for movie soundtracks and trailers because it is high-energy and oozes vigor.

This song is one of the band’s greatest because every single band member is highlighted doing their best work. Guitar riffs, powerful drums, and intense bass all shine in this piece. The sound is almost spontaneous as if the band got together and just jammed until it felt right and this song was born.

November Rain

This power ballad for the ages first premiered in 1992. With a piano introduction and slower tempo, this song presents a very different vibe than “Welcome to the Jungle.”

This song is almost indulgent, as it is both smooth and strong. Also indulgent was the music video, which remains one of the most expensive music videos ever produced.

The guitar solos transform you to a different place and time, which is the best thing a guitar solo can do. “November Rain” is a perfect ballad for any time of year, not just November.

Sweet Child O’ Mine

A list of Guns N’ Roses greatest hits simply could not miss “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” This song became the band’s first and only number-one single in the United States. Perhaps it’s the opening guitar riff or the singable quality to all of the lyrics, but there is something about this song that you just can’t seem to forget.

That opening guitar melody sprung when Slash decided to play a “circus” melody and the rest of the band improvised around it. The “where do we go now?” in the bridge of the song sprang up when Axl Rose spoke it while listening to a demo of the piece and the band suggested he sing it into the song. Sweet Child O’ Mine is a classic for the ages.

Paradise City

Paradise city was released with the band’s first album in 1987 but made its debut as a single in 1989. This song builds and builds until the very last chord. Each verse is a little more intense and a little stronger than the one before. This made it the perfect closer or encore for the band’s live tours for several years. Imagine, if you will, a crowd of people all cheering and singing along as the song comes to a dramatic close.

The verses and the chorus almost tell the tales of two different Paradise Cities. One more wild, and one more “down-home.” Axl Rose described the verses as the “jungle” and the chorus as the “Midwest.” Maybe “Paradise City” is wherever that means to you.

Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Although “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is technically a cover of a Bob Dylan song, it remains one of the best Guns N’ Roses songs. They performed the piece in 1987 but it first debuted on one of their solo albums in 1991.

“Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door” is another incredibly singable piece. Something about it makes you want to sing along. That’s why so many bands have covered the song. Axl Rose performed it differently from Bob Dylan, and both performances are captivating.

Guns N’ Roses are a rock band to be remembered for years to come. Their music inspired rock lovers for years while their tours and music videos brought people together. While the band released many songs, these are the singles that we must remember.