3 key ideas for staying productive from home

Lockdown is a challenge for many of used to getting out and about nearly every day, and even for those lucky enough to be working from home throughout these strange times, it’s easy to get bored when living within the same four walls for months on end at this point.

Going a bit stir-crazy, and thinking for some different ways to stay productive within the home? Check out this short guide, detailing five different ideas that you might not yet have considered.

Learning a new skill

All sorts of different industries are having to change and adapt around the current way of doing things remotely, and so just because you aren’t necessarily able to leave the house as freely as you were prior in order to go to a class, doesn’t mean you can’t pursue that new skill/hobby that you’ve always wanted to. Aside from something like swimming, of course (unless you’re lucky enough to have good weather and a pool!), thousands of classes are going online using platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, so it’s easier than ever to get involved with anything from an aerobics class to a improv group!

Tip – If you’re not someone that wants to take part in an online class, why not make the most of your smartphone to learn a new skill? With an app like Duolingo, for instance, you could set yourself on the path to learning a new language in an instant, connecting with friends and competing with others as you go.

Saving your money

The pandemic that we find ourselves in at the moment has been tough financially for many, and so if you’re lucky enough to be in an ok position, then why not save some money for the future? You might find that small things such as buying lunches out when working or going out for drinks with friends has saved you a small fortune over the last few months, and so that could quickly create you a rainy day fund. Alternatively, you might want to try one of the many different savings challenges out there, so that when lockdown ends, you’ll be in a better financial position than you were going in.

Tip – Need to get some cash together quickly? Try selling some of your old stuff online, with online apps like eBay, Gumtree or even the Facebook Marketplace. Not only will this put a bit of extra cash in your back pocket, but it will also clear some space in your home, which is always great considering that you’re spending most of your time there at the moment!

Investing your money

Successfully saved up a bit of money and want to invest it for your future? Even if you’re new to investment and are unsure of where to get started, there are still plenty of different options that you can pursue from your front room. These can range from something as simple as signing up for one of the wide range of different investment smartphone apps and purchasing some small stocks/shares with the spare change that you’ve accumulated from being indoors, to investing in something more substantial such as property investment, for instance (which is currently booming in some cities across the UK, such as Liverpool or Manchester).

Tip – Interested to find out more about property investment specifically? With the range of content that the likes of RWinvest offers, it’s easier than ever to look into some of the most exciting and developing markets. Not only can you find a myriad of guides and videos on their website – covering topics from getting started to finding the best areas of investment for the future – but they also offer podcasts if you want to stay in the loop while doing other things around the house.