How to Design Christian Band Merchandise Items


Fans naturally love customized band items, and Christian band items aren’t exempt from this. Making customized merchandise items for your Christian band is one of the best decisions that your band can ever make. The sale of these items can create extra income for your band, as well as help you spread the gospel faster.

However, the problem is that not everyone knows how to come up with a standard, aesthetic design that will appeal to fans, especially as the market has become so competitive.

If you own a band, and you’re facing this challenge, there is good news for you. You don’t need a degree in graphics design to create a killer design for your Christian band. By simply following the guidelines below, you’ll be able to create a beautiful design for all your band items.

Guidelines for Designing a Christian Band Item

  1. Research Ideas for Your Design

This might sound too obvious, but many Christian bands fail in their designs, not because they didn’t have a good message, but simply because they didn’t conduct enough adequate research. Before embarking on this merchandising project, you need to get as much information as possible. These tips can help you with that research:

  • Look at popular Christian Band Merch to get inspiration for your design. Bands that play music similar to your band’s style will serve as a good guide. They can be inspiration for getting ideas on the type of messages you want to pass across. Remember that as a Christian band, you’re not just designing band items for commercial purposes alone; you are also propagating the gospel.
  • Seek the Opinions of People in Your Music Scene: Reach out to people in your music scene. Tell them the kind of music you play, and listen to their ideas on the type of designs that will fit your band’s style. It will also help to ask the opinions of your band members.
  • Find A Theme for Your Design: Another important aspect of the research stage is theme research. Once you have the ideas for your design, the next step is to verify the chosen theme. This can be done by carrying out a keyword and trend research to determine if people are interested in such a theme.

For an example, let’s say you want to design a tee shirt for your band. It won’t do you any good if the design theme doesn’t appeal to your fans. They won’t buy what they don’t like. This is why you need to find out how often people conduct an online search for the theme you’ve chosen. You can do this using a keyword planner tool.

  1. Decide the Elements to Include in Your Design

Choose the particular elements that you’ll include in your design to make it outstanding. From the research conducted, what elements do you think have the best effects on customers? Include such elements in your design.

Although you can take some traits from other music bands’ ideas, you must be careful not to borrow too much from a corporate brand, so that you won’t be guilty of plagiarism.

You can include images in your designs. The cross, or a dove, are common images used by many Christian bands. Just be creative, but ensure that all the elements flow together with your chosen theme.

  1. Draw Several Sketches

It’s now time to brainstorm with your pencil and sketchbook. The best way to develop creative designs is to draw several ideas on a piece of paper. You may have so many wonderful ideas in your head, but they might not make much sense, until you write them down.

Don’t be afraid to get creative; draw as many ideas for your design as possible in your sketchbook. If you have images in your design, try sketching them on your sketchbook. If you can’t draw, try asking someone else to sketch them for you, or find a way to design your idea digitally.

  1. Finalize with Your Music Band

After making as many sketches as possible, show them to your band and listen to what they have to say about them. Narrow the sketches down to about 3 or 4, then make adjustments based on your band members’ suggestions. Do you need to reduce the text? Is the image appropriate or not? What about color? All these should be addressed at this stage.

When ready, let each member choose his or her favorite design. Vote on it. The design with the highest count can win.

  1. Scan Your Design to A Computer and Edit

Once you and your music band members have made the adjustments and decided upon a final design, upload it onto a computer. You’ll need photo editing software at this stage. If you don’t have any, you can download Photoshop from the Google play store.

Upload the design on the photo editing software, and make all the necessary digital adjustments. Select the font you want to use: you can choose the same font for each text field, or choose to vary them. Select the color to use for your text field. Be sure to remove any white space in your design.

  1. Print Out the Design

After making the digital adjustments, you can now print out your design and send it to local stores, or online shops, to create band items like tee shirts or hoodies. Publishing your design online will also be an advantage because your fans can easily access it from the comfort of their homes.


Designing a Christian band merchandise item can be a pretty difficult task without the right information. The guidelines provided here should help you through the process and make the task a lot easier.