Exploring Country Music’s Relationship with Man’s Best Friend

There are a few old jokes about some of the stereotypical mainstays of country music. Most of them include pickup trucks, women, beer, and dogs. While those tropes might be a little outdated, there is definitely something to be said about the connection between country music and man’s best friend.

After all, what’s more country than the image of an old dog riding in the back of a pickup truck?

There’s no real surprise as to why country music and dogs go hand-in-hand. Dogs are loyal, hardworking, lovable, and active. They remind people of simpler times, of hardworking farmers and ranchers, and even of old country and bluegrass stars of the past.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most popular country songs about dogs, and which singers today showcase their four-legged friends as much as possible.

Which Country Songs Feature Dogs?

There are a few different categories of “country songs featuring dogs.” Usually, the singer will croon about how much they love their dog, how much they want a dog, or how much they miss their dog. No matter what type of mood you’re in, there’s undoubtedly a dog song for you to enjoy.

Some of the best country songs about Fido include:

  • “Tennessee Hound Dog” – The Osbourne Brothers
  • “Like My Dog” – Billy Currington (Just don’t listen around your wife, maybe?)
  • “My Dog and Me” – John Hiatt
  • “Move it On Over” – Hank Williams
  • “Cracker Jack” – Dolly Parton

As you can see, some of the biggest names in country’s rich history have an affection for dogs, whether the singers are in the “dog house” with their significant other, or they just love their furry friend so much that they wanted to dedicate a tune to them. There are others, of course, so whether you’re missing your own dog or just love them as much as these artists, don’t be afraid to do your research and create your own perfect playlist!

Country Singers Who Love Their Furry Friends

Country music stars don’t just sing about their dogs. They love spending time with them, too! While many of the songs listed above are from artists who are no longer here, some of today’s most famous names aren’t afraid to showcase how much they adore their furry family members.

For example, Jo Dee Messina headlined an event called the “You Must Love Dogs” fest in 2016, and spoke beforehand about her six rescue dogs. The festival and Messina’s interview both helped to raise awareness for rescue dogs and how much they need to be adopted (but we’ll talk more about that later).

Superstar singer Carrie Underwood’s dogs are quite the little celebrities themselves, with their own Twitter account that shows off their luxurious lifestyle. Yes, it’s okay to be a little jealous of them.

Even Blake Shelton has been known to post pictures on Instagram with his dogs, showing how much he loves them and how integrated they are into his family.

It’s hard to imagine country music starts without dogs in their lives, and these are just a few examples of some of the superstars that treat their pups like royalty and encourage others to do the same.

How Country Music Raises Awareness

The visual of the dog in the pickup truck is nice, but some country singers aren’t content with letting that imagery be enough. Celebrities who share their experiences with their dogs automatically bring awareness to their fans and followers. When you see one of your favorite country artists posting pictures of their dog on Instagram, it might inspire you to go to your local shelter and adopt one, too. There are over 3 million dogs in animal shelters across the country at any given time, so bringing one home to take care of can make a huge difference and Rested Paws estimates that 1.5m shelter animals are euthanised on a yearly basis.

Raising a dog isn’t always an easy task, and it starts with picking the right one. For example, just because you see one of your favorite singers with a hound dog doesn’t mean that’s the right breed for your family. There are a few things to think about when you’re considering a dog, including:

  • Their size
  • Temperament
  • Trainability
  • Their need for exercise
  • How they need to be groomed

You’ll also need to learn about how to train them, and what their health history looks like. Investing in dog insurance to keep your costs down if they ever get sick should also be taken into consideration.

It’s great to be inspired by country songs about dogs, and even by your favorite country stars. If you want to bring that image of the dog in the truck to life, you can absolutely do so while riding off into the sunset. Just make sure you’re ready to take on a four-legged friend and make them an official part of your family.