What Makes Sugaring an Apt Choice for Sensitive Parts?

Getting rid of unwanted hair is a real struggle. Isn’t it? I am sure all you pretty ladies out there will agree to it. This is especially true when it comes to sensitive spots such as the bikini area. While a Brazilian wax can be extremely painful using the good old shaving method has its own set of cons. Firstly, it involves risk of incurring cuts and bruises. Secondly, the hair grows back really fast and thus one needs to undergo the entire hassle of removing the hair every few days. So, neither of these is considered a good choice when it comes to treating the bikini line. So, what’s the solution? Let’s find out:

Sugaring: An Apt Choice for Hair Removal 

Sugaring treatment makes for the best choice to remove hair especially from sensitive areas such as face, underarms and bikini line. Here is why?

Skin Friendly

Brazilian sugar wax paste is devoid of chemicals. Organic ingredients such as lemon, sugar and water are used to prepare this effective paste that can remove hair with minimum effort. It is thus not just skin friendly but also eco-friendly.

Painless Procedure

Sugaring is said to be less painful as compared to waxing. This is because sugar goes into the hair follicles and lubricates the roots before the paste is pulled off. So, the hair removal procedure does not cause much pain.

No Bruises, Redness or Abrasion

Sugaring paste just needs to be warmed and applied on the area to be treated unlike waxing in which the paste needs to be heated. This is why there are no chances of incurring burn marks or redness as you apply this organic paste on your skin.

Besides, there is just no scope of getting any bruises or cuts as is the case with shaving which is otherwise considered to be a hassle free procedure of hair removal.

Long Term Benefits

Sugaring can weaken and ultimately damage the hair follicles over the time. As you use it regularly you will notice a slow down in hair growth which is the most welcoming change for any girl.

Remove Every Inch of Hair

It is difficult to pull off the entire patch of hair in one go especially if you are conducting the procedure at home. When it comes to waxing, applying paste on the same area is not a good idea as it can cause redness. However, this is not the case with sugaring. You can reapply this paste as many times as you want without worrying about any kind of soreness or redness. So, every tiny bit of hair can be removed by using this technique.

No More Ingrown Hair

Sugaring also reduces the chances of ingrown hair thereby leaving the treated area absolutely flawless.

All these points make sugaring procedure an apt choice for the sensitive areas. The best part is that you can easily conduct the procedure at home and ensure post cleaning and care with minimal effort.