What Makes LED Signs so Popular?


The popularity of LED signage is at an all-time high. Research by InfoTrends shows that digital signs can not only increase brand awareness of a product but also the amount that customers spend on purchases. A LED open sign can increase revenue by 15%-150%. So what makes LED signs so effective? Why does it work so well? In this article, we will be looking at what makes LED signs so effective and why many businesses are embracing it instead of the traditional methods. Read on to learn more.

Attractive Displays

Digital signage has become` among the most customizable types of publicity and guarantees that your prospective customers will see the message. Sellers may take advantage of the digital medium to shape the behavior of prospective customers by creating attractive displays to showcase services or brands. This will eventually drive sales and also boost your profit margins.


LED digital signs also have the added benefit of providing an extra source of revenue for business owners. Once the installation is complete, restaurateurs or retailers may decide to sell advertising space to recoup their investment. This can be sold to brands or companies that also complement the operations of the store. The ads will raise the status of some brands, suppliers, or services that are looking to boost their brand awareness and grow their figures in the sales territory, target market, or the store.

Additionally, ensuring access to information through digital messaging lets businesses save on the cost of conventional campaigns. This is because they won’t spend money on distribution, printing, and waste materials discarded after the end of the promotion.

No Need for Receptionist

Another way that digital LED signage helps you save money is that an interactive sign can replace your receptionist or help desk. You could put employee directories on a big interactive screen just next to a telephone to enable visitors to find who they want to talk to. This way, they can contact them directly themselves. When you integrate digital wayfinding, you can further lessen the burden on your employees. It could be as simple as a map showing on the display. Alternatively, it could be a more sophisticated setup that features interactive maps, turn-by-turn directions, a wayfinding app, and a geofence.

When it comes to displays that aren’t interactive, you need to think carefully about where to place them. A glare behind or on a screen makes it more difficult to see the message displayed. Therefore, you need to take a look at the screen at different times to ensure that they are placed in areas without too much glare.

Dynamic and Contextual Content Updates

The beauty of digital signage is that it can be modified and controlled quickly, allowing you to incorporate it into just about any environment. Based on the service and the setup you choose, you could even store your graphics and make changes to the signage as frequently as you like. This can be excellent during the time of holiday shopping or if you are looking to promote flash sales and doorbusters at certain times.

You could go a notch further by installing a digital signage solution that uses an AI element in determining your best selling items and the goods that are sold commonly together. Another option may be to identify items that have dropped in sales suddenly. The solution would then have these items displayed and promote them to customers who have come in-store to increase your sales volumes and boost profits.

Increases Social Media/In-Store Digital Presence

Business owners can take advantage of social networks to boost brand awareness, address customer satisfaction concerns, generate new sales, and drive repeat business. Through the ability of digital signage to provide information directly to consumers, these signs make stores to generate extra sales revenue and recruit more people for loyalty programs. Business owners can even display endorsements from social media networks like Twitter and Facebook as well as other sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp among others.

Boosts Impulse Purchase Sales

What makes digital LED signage such a crucial tool for businesses is because of its ability to pass important messages regarding promotions, in-store specials, and just about any advertising straight to customers during the most critical moment when they are thinking about making a purchase. The direct effect of this will be increased sales as the signage gives shoppers an additional push to complete their purchase by constantly displaying information about promotions, impulse buys, and other specials.

It helps you to Beat Your Competition

When advertising your products or services, the idea is to be outstanding from your competitors. You will want to do everything that distinguishes you from the rest of the guys. To do this, you need to identify what makes you unique and better than your competitors and then incorporate it into your first impression. Consumers will easily see your smart marketing as opposed to a competitor who doesn’t do quality marketing and choose you instead of the competition. If you invest a little more money in quality LED open sign, you will make a lot of difference and this will play to your advantage.

Getting Your Mission Across

To effectively brand your business, you will need to have a mission statement explaining your business core values. Also, this mission statement can create your first impression. Upon reading your marketing materials, consumers will want to understand your statement fully and relate to it. Good branding helps customers to remember you in case they need our services, and at the same time helps to reassure them that they have chosen the business that speaks to their needs. Your adverts should be more relatable and memorable to consumers that show interest in your services or products.


Technology has affected all spheres of life, and the same is true to business signage. LED signage has changed the entire landscape of business signs. With just a simple LED open sign, you can communicate powerful messages to your customers that let them remember you when they need your services or products. Digital LED signs provide an effective marketing tool worth exploring. Business owners that have appreciated this medium of advertising have taken advantage of its power to boost traffic and sales and also improve their bottom line.