Top Casino Movies Soundtracks

Since the early 1900s, there have been a lot of movies that have been set in casinos. However, only a handful can be considered as the real thing when it comes to gambling. One thing that all these movies have in common is a captivating soundtrack.

Whether you enjoy watching movies with a detailed plot or listening to songs from casino films, you have to keep in mind that casino movies can be incredibly captivating. And good music enhances it. Today, we are going to share with you some of the most captivating casino movie soundtracks that have inspired gamblers over the years. Let’s get started!

1.      Casino Royale (David Arnold)

Casino Royale wouldn’t miss in our list. Apart from having an intense casino scene, the soundtrack is simply amazing. The composer, David Arnold together with the late Chris Cornell did a great job on the music of this film. You’ll be captivated by different scenes while watching the movie thanks to the music bez depozytu. The casino movie soundtrack is like Mr. Bond. And who doesn’t like Mr. Bond?

2.      Ocean’s Eleven (Perry Como)

Ocean Eleven has been popular over the years thanks to its strong cast that comprised of popular names in Hollywood such as Brad Pitt, George Clooney, and Julia Roberts to name a few. Ocean Eleven is one of the best gambling classics that you can find in the market today.

Although it’s a remake of the Rat pack, a movie that was produced back in the ’60s, the newer version is considered as the best gambling movie due to the actors, plot, and captivating soundtrack. The soundtrack comes in an old school swing form from Perry Como while the orchestra carries the bulk of the movie. The casino soundtrack songs are used beautifully during various climactic scenes for instance the Bellagio Mountains. If you consider yourself an avid gambler, this movie is ideal for you.

3.      Casino (Roxy Music)

The Casino is a great movie with some of the finest actors in the world such as Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. According to the global listing, the plot of the movie and the quality of acting is at another level, keeping in mind that the movie was produced back in the ’90s. We are mainly concerned about the movie’s soundtrack which continues to stand out to this day.

By putting together Roxy Music with Muddy Waters, the producer has managed to capture the high living and chaos that is usually witnessed in Las Vegas plus the anxieties of Ace Rothstein. At this stage, Scorsese was already established in the cinema world. Therefore, you shouldn’t be shocked by the quality of the soundtrack in this movie. The director’s ability to blend musical harmony with visual dynamism is what stands out in the movie up to date.

4.      Rounders

Matt Damon was a Hollywood heavyweight in the late 1990s who verified his status with different titles such in popular movies like Saving Private Ryan, Good Will Hunting, and Mr. Ripley. Rounders was launched back in 1998 and it is one of his best performing movies of all time thanks to the high stakes poker games.

It has gone underground for a couple of years now although it helped in enhancing awareness and increasing the number of people using google pay to place real money poker bets. It has also aided other movies with similar themes to achieve top status. The jazz flute and guitar are used together throughout the movie to keep you relaxed, immersed, and entertained.

5.      Leaving Las Vegas (Mike Figgis)

Are you a Nicholas Cage fan? If yes, this is the ideal movie for you. It’s one of the movies that showcase his talents – one which made him win the Oscar. While the theme is not exclusively focused on the casino, Cage acts as a writer who wants to kill himself after losing his job, he spends a lot of time at the gambling tables.

The movie is packed with captivating and funny moments in equal measure. The casino movie soundtrack list is also on point thanks to the efforts of the talented Mike Figgis. As you watch the movie, you’ll also find exclusive recordings of Don Henley, Sting, and Michael McDonald.

6.      Maverick (Renegades)

The funny and talented Mel Gibson is one of the main characters in this captivating movie where he participates as a player in the high stakes poker game. It ended up being one of the best gambling movies of all time due to the perfect blend of humor and charm.

When it comes to the casino soundtrack song list, Maverick has a lot of great songs such as Rogues and Rebels, Luck Already Gone, Renegades, and A Good Run for Something Bad to name a few. These gambling song lists have had a huge impact on the charts and have managed to create a conducive atmosphere for avid gamblers to enjoy themselves.

7.      The Cincinnati Kid (Lalo Schifrin)

Based on the captivating story of Eric, the Stoner, this amazing fil is all about an avid poker player who wants to be seen as the best by everyone in the company. Steven McQueen takes the lead role in this exhilarating movie that revolves around poker for high stakes. Most of the songs that you’ll find in this movie were composed by Lalo Schifrin with Ray Charles showing up at the end. If you’ve never heard this soundtrack before, now is the time to listen to it. Or better yet, watch the movie.

8.      Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

This popular casino movie is based on a true-life story that focuses on Johnny Depp who plays as journalist Hunter Thompson. Hunter loves writing about sports and doing drugs. Therefore, he decides to cover a huge sporting event in Sin City.

After spending a huge amount on drugs, he embarks on an adventure. Along the way, he encounters gamblers, police officers, hitchhikers, and drug dealers to name a few. This movie doesn’t present Las Vegas as a comfortable place full of money and luxury. But as a dangerous and deranged location. The soundtrack will keep you on your toes as you enjoy Johnny Depp’s adventures.


Movies play a critical role in our lifestyle and culture. From the early days, movies just like a casino song have been shaping the casino world. Today, most of them showcase what happens in casinos. By watching the movies that we’ve discussed, you’ll not only enjoy the plot but also the captivating soundtrack from casino movies.