The best albums of 2020 (so far)

2020 has been a good year when it comes to music. Some of the biggest names in the industry have released new music and many rising stars have separated themselves from the expectations and delivered stunning albums. Therefore, at this halfway mark it is time to look back at 2020 and experience and describe some of the biggest albums of 2020. The list will contain four of the best albums so far and as the list will show has a lot of singer/songwriter-vibes and country music on it. If you haven’t heard these albums it is not too late and be ready to get your heart broken and senses enhanced – all of the albums are emotional in some form. The list is in no specific order.

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“Punisher” – Phoebe Bridgers

The first album on the list is Phoebe Bridgers second studio album as a solo artist. The artist has released other albums as a duo or trio, but this is the second time she does it solo. The album marks no shift in tone or style when it comes to her first album “Stranger in the alps”. Punisher

is a heartfelt study of the experience of being human. Containing sorrow, longing, happiness disguised as grief and many other things. The thing Bridgers does the best is making feelings and emotions relatable especially those emotions that can be hard to describe.

Her sweet voice goes right to the heart and when listening back to the lyrics of “Punisher” you can find something that you can relate to in each song. Some of the highlights on the album are songs like Kyoto, Moon Song and Garden Song. Kyoto is a sweet pop/rock ballad about her father and being stuck in the lovely city of Kyoto. Moon song is more sad and bold, especially considered the subject of Garden Song, where she talks about dreams and everyday life.

“Folklore” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift. Pop Queen. One of the most beloved stars at the moment. She is well known for her pop ballads and great hits but this time she completely shifts tone. “Folklore” will for many be the magnus opus of Swifs music catalogue. The reason for this is her song writing and melodic creativity. “Folklore” is unlike anything she has ever made.

First of all, one must love the boldness of the album. Coming off being one of the biggest pop stars in the world and then making a singer/songwriting album, which has a lot of country and folk vibes. The lyrics on the album are incredible. Simply amazing. The lyrics are tough in a sense and very straight to the point.

The highlights one the album are hard to define but Exile must be the biggest song on the album. Collaborating with Bon Iver she has created a duet that strikes where we all are the most vulnerable – the heart. Other highlights must be The 1 and Illicit affairs. If you haven’t heard the album yet, do it now.

“Rough and Rowdy Days” – Bob Dylan

In the spirit of songwriters Bob Dylan has returned with another great album. One of the biggest and best songwriters of all time has created an album that is great, but not surprising. The funny thing about Bob Dylan is that we know what he delivers almost every time but we keep wanting the same thing. The new album “Rough and Rowdy days” is Bob Dylan at his most light. The songs are somewhat easy to follow and have the ability to make you both laugh and cry.

From the man that has created some of the biggest and most well recognized hits of all time comes an album, where few flaws can be pointed out and where the hits are just as good as they were 40 years ago. The big two of the album are “Goodbye Jimmy Reed” and “I’ve made up my mind to give myself up to you” and in both cases the songs are amazing both lyrically and sonically.

“Petals for Armor” – Hayley Williams

The frontwoman of Paramore is out with a new album that is sincere and gives a new sight to the vocalist Hayley Williams. The range of songs, emotions and feelings on this album has surprised all – even Paramore themselves. This is a new side to the artist and hopefully she will show this side more in Paramore. Combining funk, disco and indie rock, she has created a beautiful album.

“Petal for Armor” has many top notch songs but the best can and will be Simmer.