Rental Car Costs Explained


Traveling by car is a great way to reach places that public transport cannot take you to. It is convenient and allows you to go anywhere you like, at the time of your own choosing, and is often a lot cheaper compared to public transport options especially travel in a group or as a couple.

But the problem is that traffic conditions might be so different from what you are accustomed to. And if you have to travel to a foreign place, it can add lots more stress than you need. In such a case, it could be better to rent a car as well as a driver. If you are visiting a country where wages aren’t high, this won’t be a big expense for you. Here is everything you need to know about renting a car. For the best car renting deals, you may want to check out

Base Prices

In most arrangements, you will be charged per day. Usually, if you take more days, you will be charged less rate. Also, cars are grouped according to class, prestige, small to large, and specialty vehicles. Each class attracts a different price scale.

Renting car companies, for instance, Black Car rental Houston, allows for a limited amount of time to be late, for instance, one hour. After this time elapses, you will be charged per hour. Some companies can charge you up to a full day for late returns. If you suspect you will exceed the rental period, it is better to call the company in advance and ask for an extension.

Most rental businesses have a minimum rental period of one day. The prices of renting a car for less than a day are usually unregulated.

There are 4 types of rental cars that you can choose from. They are Economy, Intermediate, Luxury, and Standard. When you rent a car with Black Car Service Houstonyou will get several insurance options. They are explained below:

Insurance Surcharges

In case the car gets damaged or is stolen, or if it injures or kills someone or damages another car, your liabilities can go beyond the fee you paid for renting the car. Other than having to pay for repairs, you will also be charged administrative costs to cover repairs. You might also be charged for the loss of revenues during the time the car was under repair.

  • Collision Damage Waiver: under standard car rental contracts, you will be liable personally to the rental company for the repair costs in case you return the car with any damage, is disabled, or totally destroyed. In most cases, this insurance reduces your liability to only a fixed amount but you will still be responsible for all the damage until the deductible limit.
  • Liability Insurance: In case an accident occurs at the time you were driving a rented car and the court finds that you were the one at fault, and therefore found liable for the damages to those injured in the accident or their survivors in case they were killed, this insurance policy will cover those damages. In case you are riding locally in your country, this insurance is supplemental to your auto insurance and may not be necessary. However, if you rented the car out of your home country, it is absolutely necessary to have this insurance. Liability insurance is also extremely important in some countries, for instance, Mexico, where uninsured drivers tend to be apprehended and held for several months in jail until the courts determine faults.
  • Theft Liability Waiver: With this option, you won’t be chased by the rental car company in case the car is stolen. You just need to prove that you are not the one responsible for the theft.
  • Windscreen Breakage Insurance: It protects you from being personally liable for windscreen/windshield.
  • Excess Reduction: this reduces the CDW/LDW deductible in the event of an accident to a much lower sum or even eliminates all personal liability completely. If you get rid of all personal liability, it means you do not have to be concerned about fighting it out with the staff of the car rental company over who is liable for minor damage (that is, whether it existed before) when the vehicle is returned.
  • Personal Effects Insurance– This protects you from being personally liable should personal items in the car get lost or be damaged.

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It’s best to take your time to carefully analyze the insurance options being offered, their cost, how they will affect your liability, and whether your travel insurance, personal car insurance, and credit card offer full or partial coverage. In some cases, these surcharges and insurance options are compulsory. A good example is when you rent a car in a foreign country where you are not covered by your personal insurance.

Distance charges

Some rental car companies may impose a limit as to the number of mileage you might go it total or per day. If you exceed this limit, you will be charged for the additional distance you traveled. Some companies have unlimited mileage. For more information, click here.

Even in cases where you don’t have limited miles, you may still be confined to adjacent regions or states. To get them to relax these limits, you may be forced to pay extra fees. If you violate these terms, you may be liable for stiffer penalties. Check the contract for the specific details as it’s usually indicated.


Rental car providers are notorious for charging extra fees, and in some cases, these may not be added until the time you are paying. It’s a good idea to go through the contract and see what you will be charged and if it’s fair. At Black Car Service Houston, we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service. All our charges are transparent and clearly explained. You will not be slapped with any additional charges that you knew nothing about. To contact us today and find out more information, click here.